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Seeking Journalist(s) and/or Host(s) to Develop Documentary Podcast - art/media/design

City: Ottawa-hull-gatineau
Date: 29 Nov 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

I’m an experienced, working podcast producer and published fiction writer, with a journalism degree. I’ve worked on several well-funded podcasts but I want to develop something new with an ambitious team, and to seek funding later.

The topic would depend partly on the host(s), and I’m fairly flexible about what we would cover. I don’t have access to funding for this project, and the goal would be to make something good enough to seek funding (either through advertising or audience subscriptions).

I would take care of all the technical aspects (editing & distribution).
I would also be involved in structuring the show, developing stories, and writing scripts. But much of this would also be done by the team. How much, depends on the team.

Topics I’m most interested in:

-Fiction (I’m open to “radio drama” but it has to be really good)
-Satire (again, has to be really good)
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