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Expert PowerPoint Designer - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Boise
Date: 20 Nov 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

We're looking for a great PowerPoint Designer to join our Mindmaven team. We're headquartered in California, but you can be located anywhere in the US. We're also accepting proposals from candidates outside of the US if there's no issue working based on US-West Coast hours. Your work will mostly be web and phone based. Training and work will be done wherever you are, but you need to have a working computer and ability to keep it running.  

About you:
- Attention to detail: You love details. To you, there's no such thing as a detail that's too small.

- Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead, solving needs before they even arise.

- Problem solver: You're skilled at evaluating how to best solve a challenge. No matter what went wrong, you believe there's a solution and you'll find it.

- Reliable and Professional: Within just a few short weeks, the person you're working for builds high-level confidence in you.  

- Writing skills: You might not be the next Hemingway, but you enjoy writing well and aggressively avoid typos.

- Listening is key: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.

Please only apply if you are:

- Willing to write a customized response to this job post and have a proven background of working from home.

- Able to create excellent PowerPoint slides using existing templates or from scratch by emulating a certain style consistent with similar presentations.

- Able to turn topics/concepts into good story-telling PowerPoint slides, in an efficient way.

- Have a good understanding of graphic design elements as well as structured approaches to producing impactful PowerPoint presentations.

- Have an understanding of and experience in corporate branding, layout, color theory and typography.

- Have experience with strategic brainstorming, campaign development, creative brief development and creative execution.

- Have an understanding of image formats, resolution, and size - and care about about balance/blending at a high level of detail.

- A team player in planning, scheduling and production in collaboration with the CEO and other team members.

- Able to work as a self-starter with minimal direct supervision, functioning as complete project manager for all phases of communications, design, production and delivery.

- A believer in the necessity of deadlines and have a proven history of meeting due dates consistently. 

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of this job posting! That might already qualify you for this job. We can't wait.
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