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WAN Technical Support - Remote Employment - technical support - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 14 Nov 2019
Category: Technical Support

The mission of this position is to provide “raving fan” WAN technical support to corporate clients by keeping their T1, DSL, Cable, VOIP and Ethernet wide area networks always up and always fast. And to contribute to the technical team to develop creative solutions that solves external client issues as well as internal system challenges.
 Make certain that client networks are always up and always fast by pro-actively and re-actively identifying, researching and resolving LAN and WAN technical problems.
 Ensure that in house requests for support are met.
 Guarantee that technical requests are resolved in a timely manner through planning, tracking and monitoring.
 Have records of all communication with clients by keeping customer contact information fully documented at all times.
 Develop innovative and cost effective solutions by planning, tracking, monitoring, documenting and completing technical projects.

Role Competencies
The ideal candidate will have experience and knowledge of the following:
• How everything ties together to form the Internet and WANs
• Dealing with TCP/IP
• Cisco IOS.
• T-1, DSL, Ethernet, Cable, 4G Wireless, MPLS, Fixed wireless and other broadband technologies
• Firewalls
• VPNs
• Dynamic DNS load balancers
• Email / Web Hosting Systems
• Windows, Linux, MySQL database

Culture Competencies
In addition to the above, this position requires the team member to fit the culture at IGNISIS. We are a team that is highly efficient, transparent with our clients and believes in giving back and serving others through our work and additional charitable efforts. A successful candidate will have the following strengths:
 Sharp
 See around corners
 Tell it like it is
 Provide results, not reasons
 Heart to serve
 Positive attitude
 Accountability/Total trust
 Team Player
 Eager to grow, both personally and professionally
 Passionate about life and career
 Self-starter
 High energy

About us
Founded in 1999, IGNISIS helps media rich and large revenue retailers ensure 100% Wide Area Network uptime, visibility and optimization. We have a proven track record of building complex voice and data networks. We work with 100+ carriers nationwide to be a single source provider, which gives tier one, two and three technical support, engineering, provisioning and billing with one point of accountability across all carriers. At IGNISIS we chose to establish an environment in which employees are valued and trusted. We are a nimble and efficient team that operates with high levels of trust and communication. We encourage employees to be creative and innovative, take ownership of their tasks and projects, and develop their talents and skills.

While we pride ourselves on helping companies navigate through the ever increasing network demands that today’s IT departments face, we also have a larger purpose here at IGNISIS – to give back. We embrace a stewardship philosophy, built on the premise that we are stewards of resources and not owners of them. Therefore, all excess resources in our care are put to work for the purpose of helping and enriching the lives of others.

Location: Remote Employment Opportunity
Based: Santa Clarita, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area)
Experience: Level 1 - 3
Functions: Tech Support
Industries: Telecommunications
Compensation: Based on experience, plus medical benefits

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