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Shopify Expert Freelance - technical support - job employment

City: Portland
Date: 08 Nov 2019
Category: Technical Support

Dana Herbert Accessories & The Union (our new brick and mortar in NE Portland) is seeking tech support with shopify. We are a local, small business with a shopify retail website, a shopify wholesale website and a brick and mortar POS system. We are designer manufacturers based in NE Portland, but this would not require on site assistance. We need a freelance shopify expert to assist as needed when implementing new systems or to troubleshoot our current programs. This is the first time we have hired for this position and are not entirely sure of the volume of hours but guessing an average of 10-20 per month.

Qualified candidates will have experience with Shopify and Shopify Add Ons, as well as being an organized, skilled communicator.

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