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BECOME AN EGG DONOR! HELP THOSE IN NEED AND EARN $36,000+ - healthcare - job employment

City: Minneapolis / st paul
Date: 08 Nov 2019
Category: Medical / Health

Fairfax EggBank is recruiting egg donors into one of the premier egg donation programs in the country. Unlike typical programs where you need to wait until being chosen by a recipient, once accepted into the program, you can donate right away and earn compensation immediately.

Cycle compensation:
· Earn $6,000 every time you complete a donation cycle, for a potential maximum of $36,000 if you complete 6 cycles.
· Earn up to $500 if you pass our genetic and medical screening.
· Earn $1,000 every time you refer a donor who cycles.
Medical care:
· You'll receive free medical and genetic testing worth thousands of dollars.
· We'll fully insure you to cover medical treatments related to your egg donation.

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