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Mass Health Attorney - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 06 Nov 2019
Category: legal / paralegal

Seeking a Mass Health attorney/expert in Mass Health regulations for a peculiar situation.  Executor of an estate of a parent who died over a year ago is involved in ongoing probate litigation in CT against the family of a late spouse (husband) of parent who died in 2014 for other benefits owed.  The case in CT is at a point where a settlement is possible. However, the attorney representing estate for the parent in CT case needs documentation or clarification on situation involving Mass Health. Medicaid benefits were applied for / approved by the parent 3 years ago. After the parent died, a lien was issued by Mass Health, then "deferred". Need help from an attorney with Mass Health/regulatory expertise who might be able offer advice on this situation for the probate case.

Can clarify with further details.
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