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Website Design Project Manager - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Portland
Date: 04 Nov 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

If you are a seasoned and experienced Website Design Project Manager this might be your dream opportunity.

Hi There!

My name is Victor Thomas and I run a successful website design business based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in designing and developing custom WordPress websites for small and medium-sized businesses, typically in the service industry. You can check us out here:

Or you can ‘Google’ “San Francisco web design” or “hire a web designer” we rank #1 for both. We’ve been in business for 10 years and have nothing but positive reviews to show for it.


This may sound corny, but we really do care. About our work, our customers, our reputation and making a difference. If there’s an X factor in working with us, it’s our desire to add humanity to static pages on the web.

Here’s the deal, I’m looking for a pretty unique and special person and for that, I’m able to provide a unique offer.

First, let’s talk about you.


I’ve come to realize what a wide set of skills a website design project manager requires:

Detail Oriented
You need to be super organized, punctual and have the ability to stay on top of many small details all at once.

It’s too bad the word proactive has become a corporate cliche but the concept is great. You need to be able to see problems before they arise and anticipate their solution.

You need to be able to drive a project forward and stay on top of the designer, developer and the client throughout the project.

Design Knowledge
You need to have some knowledge of design and be able to add input and feedback to both the client and the designer. You can’t just be an order taker. You need to have your own valuable opinions.

Development Knowledge
You need to know about WordPress and be able to update and edit a WordPress website. Ideally, you should have some knowledge of CSS and HTML. At least enough to be dangerous. You should also be able to launch a new website if needed. Have enough knowledge to update a domain’s DNS records on your own.

Project Management Experience
You need to have a proven track record of 2-5 years of experience working as a Project Manager in a website design agency. The only other acceptable equivalency is if you have experience working on your own web design business.

This last part is non-negotiable. I’m only looking for someone with at least 2 years of previous experience. I will check with your past employers or clients so please, let’s save everyone time and only apply if you have the experience described above.


Our entire company is virtual working around the world. This allows you to have the ability to avoid commuting and work from the comfort of your own home.

As I said, I’m looking for the right fit. And for that person, I’m willing to be flexible. If you have a child you need to pick up and drop off from school, I can work with your schedule and hours. I’m also willing to consider a part-time position with reduced hours for the right candidate.

Great People
We only work with nice people. No jerks allowed. That includes clients, no matter what their budget is. This is a high energy position but does not involve working with toxic people or impossible situations. Our team is comprised of humble hard-working people who care about the work they do.

Fun and Interesting Projects
We work with great clients who positively impact the world. Each project is a unique challenge and the work we do is creative, meaningful and interesting.

Competitive Salary
We’re willing to pay for what you are worth. Your salary will be commensurate with your experience and is competitive with similar positions that would require your physical presence.

This position includes 2 weeks of paid vacation and time off for all major US holidays. Medical and dental plans are included for all fulltime positions.


If after reading this entire message, you feel that this position is a true fit for both of us, I’d love to hear from you. Please click the link below and complete our questionnaire.
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