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AN UPCOMING FASHION/TALENT SHOW - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Houston
Date: 03 Nov 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

Looking for Models (Male and Female, No Experience needed.) for an upcoming fashion show case. This is a Shoot assignment to showcase or features different brands of trendy wares, simply clothing's. We are paying $2,500, plus travel and meal will be provide. No participation fee is require and no experience is also require. Apply and be the one for the role of the next edition of the magazine.

My name is Philip Church, a talent agent and working as a consultant on this upcoming project for our client. I am specialize on casting talents for commercials, voice-over, industrial, film works and services from action shoots. Currently, We are seeking models for an upcoming photo-shoot project viz healthcare nationwide print campaign by top Biotechnology firms. Male & Female models needed to sample products and, we are interested in working with you on this upcoming assignment having acknowledged your interest. The end product from this photo shoot is a product campaign publication for the 2019 Bio International Convention, Healthcare Trade Shows Exhibition 2019, Some of this work will also get published on Healthcare Journals and online classified websites worldwide.

Models/talents will pose with healthcare products in hand, and will be dressed in a variety of attires such as: Formal Attire, High Fashion / Glamour, and Urban Chic. Shoots will be staged at venues that capture a luxury aesthetic and other high profile commercial venues nationwide. In the concept of this shoot; we shall have a great opportunity to present and demonstrate different products on each role for publication.

Please, note that there will be no open or live casting for this gig. Models are selected based on their unique personality, portfolio and also agreement with gig/shoot detail as above and readiness to work with us in good attitude. No level of experience is required, If you are selected you’ll be notified in another email after your submission is confirmed and approved by our team.

Event is schedule as follows:
Date for shoot: shoot comes up by 12:00pm on the 15th & 16th November, 2019. Check your availability for this purpose and get prepared for your best date of choice.

The shoot will take place in your locality; we'll be making an arrangement for a suitable Studio/arena within your City for the shoot and you'll receive the location detail and driving direction as soon as the venue is confirmed. There are about 15 different healthcare products to cover, which would be provided by our client on the day of the shoot and this shall take 3-5hrs of shoot.

The total flat pay for the shoot is $2,500.00 only and you get $500 (20%) as your upfront payment. Other remunerations include; free clothing, free copies of the photos for your portfolio on CD or Dropbox, lunch and adequate comfort guaranteed.

Our Policy:
As part of our work policy and ethics, we receive part payment from any client to affirm or secure contract before commitment and the same goes to our selected models/employees to pre-endorse or engage them upfront for shoots and, also to ascertain or secure serious working relationship in advance. Therefore, an advance payment of $500.00 being 20% of your total pay will be issued directly to you in the form of a certified check by the client for the event. This will be after satisfactory signing of a contract of engagement. Hereafter, a check of $2,000, balance would be issued to you on arrival for the shoot. Another of our policy is the attires for the shoot, it will be chosen by our team of seasoned private clothiers.

NB: You are free to come for the shoot with any person you like if that would help you feel more comfortable.

Creativity, Sense of humor, Passion, Approach-ability, Hardworking, Honesty, Reliability and compliance with instruction and directives.

You are to provide the sign-up and payment details below that you are ready to take this job and, that you have read and understood the content of this gig as fully discussed above.


FULL NAME (to be written on check):-
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Vital statistics
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This project will be worthwhile as it will be captured by experienced photographers dedicated to making colorful and alluring images.

Yours Fondly,
Philip Church
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