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IT Infrastructure Architect - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Orange county
Date: 03 Nov 2019
Category: Systems / Network

Architect at your disposal for IT infrastructure needs which includes;

1) Networking Enterprise for popular manufacturer brand.
a) Firewalls - Cisco, Fortigate, Sonicwall, Sophos and many more.
b) Layer 3 switch - Cisco, Dell FTOS, Fortinet, etc.

2) Enterprise Storage - Hyper-Converge Datrium DVX systems or 3-tier Architecture, Dell SANs/NAS, vMware's VSAN software, etc.

3) Virtualization - vMware, Hyper-V, Parallels

4) Cyber-Security Prevention, Monitoring, Compliance, Education

5) ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA/BAA Compliance, Training, Documentation

6) Active Directory - Best Practices, Policies, Maintenance

7) Office 365, Visio Drawings for documentations, Microsoft Office Suite 2019, Microsoft ATP or ProofPoint enhanced ATP

8) Disaster Recovery Site - Zerto, SRM, Veeam software to handle your RPO and RTO policies.

Please call me or respond to this posting to see how you can save and get your project started with cheaper solution. Talk is cheap but protecting your business is an incomparable savings.

Below are drawing flow example for documentation and tracking how a problem was resolved.
Figure 1 - Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection using Azure and ProofPoint.
Figure 2 - Post Mortem Incident Protocol on Production systems.

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