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Junior Front End Web Developer - web/html/info design

City: Vancouver
Date: 12 Sep 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

We’re a Vancouver based web development company. We work with clients around North America building custom websites and web applications from the ground up. We work with clients in tech, education, health, engineering, and more!

We’re a team of self learners, who enjoy working on interesting projects with great people. We mostly work remotely from our homes or co-working spaces, but we communicate often throughout the week, and meet semi-frequently in person in Vancouver.

We’d prefer if you live in Vancouver and we’re open to remote working as well.

We’re currently looking for a part-time contract-based front end developer.

Here are the skills we’re looking for:
- node
- scss/sass
- css
- JavaScript/Jquery
- html
- responsive design
- Git
- comfortable with command line
- Wordpress development is a plus

We also value strong communication skills, reliability with deadlines, taking pride in your work, and someone who doesn’t just live to work, but works to live. We all value having balanced lives. There will be periods of intense work, but most of the time, we want you to be able to enjoy hobbies and interests outside work. We believe this attitude results in the best quality work possible while also enjoying what we do.

Please send us some examples of your work, and your resume. Feel free to tell us anything else we should know about you. If you have a preferred hourly rate, please share that too.

If we think there may be a good fit, we’ll setup an interview.
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