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Online marketing pro. - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Albuquerque
Date: 04 Sep 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

My name is John Bennett Battaglia: I am the author of the autobiography;
I have currently sold more books than the average New York book release.
I've done this without the assistance of e-book or any other online pressecence. With the exception of Amazon Retail book sales.
I have done some test marketing and there is a huge appetite for this product in Japan, China, The US and Canada. I am searching for a Partner that beleives they can drive on line sales to a highly lucrative scale. Your percentage could be as high as 50% of sales.
Great potential, no investment ( other than your skills and time). This is a completely unique op that shouldnt compete with any of your vocations or advocations.
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