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Seeking Highly Motivated Self-Starters - technical support - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 01 Sep 2019
Category: Technical Support

For the past 70 years, AIL has served as the exclusive benefits provider for the labor unions representing Colorado's high-risk occupations. These occupations include police, firefighters, electrical workers, iron workers, etc. With Denver being the fastest growing city in the nation, these professions are moving to Denver in mass, and we are seeking highly motivated, self-driven individuals to help us keep up with our growing client base.

We are specifically looking for individuals with leadership qualities who will manage our teams of representatives. Responsibilities include:
• Managing of new and existing accounts
• Training of new hires
• Quality assurance
• Filing claims
• Simple data entry
• Supervising a team of 5-20 individuals

Qualified individuals must possess the following characteristics:
• Consistent
• Coachable
• Enthusiastic
• Goal oriented
• Self-motivated
• Inspirational to others
• The "comfort zone" is uncomfortable to you

This is a Leadership Fast Track position which involves 6-8 weeks of mastering the entry level position before advancement into the Leadership role. Residual income is typically unlocked after 8-13 months, and is fully vested after 10 years, which means that income upwards of $10,000 per month is retained in perpetuity, even after exiting the company.
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