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Security Guards Needed - security - job employment

City: Tampa bay area
Date: 24 Aug 2019
Category: Security

Security company has job opportunities for unarmed security. Must be available to work varied hours, days, nights, including weekends and holidays, as specified by client. Must be dependable, responsible, able to work independently, follow expectations and instructions specified by client.

Requirements: Must have class D license. Must be at least 21 years of age, must have prior security experience or law enforcement and/or military background. Must have no felony convictions and no family violence convictions. Possess a valid driver's license and your own Vehicle. Must pass a drug test and background check which includes a review of criminal history.

In an effort to better understand your qualifications, we request that all Applicants submit a resume and application from our website. Submit your resume outlining your previous work experience and contact information of previous employers for the last 5 years. Emails without a resume will not be considered. Please indicate the area you live or zip code, as we try to hire within reasonable commuting distance to your location.  We have to fill 3 jobsites starting Immediately and have several events to cover for the Holidays.
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