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Artist Needed. Low Pay - art / media / design - job employment

City: Akron / canton
Date: 13 Aug 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

You design artwork, I supply Tag Line, before art . You control distribution. It Will work. We can both profit. Leave # I Will return call, before I sell to the Communists. Craigslist crazies I know if this sounds bad but I promise to you it’s not a scam and if you’re not a half assed artist I can make us both rich so I’m a fucking crazy all it cost you as a reply I will then send back a cell phone number and you can fuck with me in person however there was one balls the artist that sent the email and then said she wouldn’t talk to me because of the cursewords I have skills I took the phone number and called it no*67 and of course of course of course voicemail and I can wait another 25 seconds for the announcement shit but at the end of the announcement she said have a blessed day I hung up spin the wheel take a chance this is a golden opportunity and the bus will leave and you will say wow I knew that guy when he was so quiet ....
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