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Part-time Accountant - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Asheville
Date: 12 Aug 2019
Category: Accounting & Finance

We are a non-profit, holistic, educational retreat center on 54 acres, yet only 2 miles to downtown Asheville, NC. We are seeking a team player with a positive attitude to join our accounting team as an independent contractor.

Title: Accountant

Type: Independent Contractor

Hours: Part-time, flexible. 8-16 hours per month. Telecommuting option beginning in 2020 based on review.

Rate: TBD- please state rate requirements upon submission of resume and references.

Under the direction of the Chief Operations Officer, the Accountant is being hired as a part-time independent contractor and will initially be assisted during a transition period for the organization, as the current consultant is leaving the organization on or about December 31, 2019.

Once the current consultant has separated from the organization, the work described below will become routine for the Accountant and staff Bookkeeper to accomplish.

Accountant will work directly with the Consultant and the staff Bookkeeper to review current accounting procedures, then learn how to adopt and oversee such procedures on a regular basis, including, but not limited to:
A. Monthly close:
a. Scope: Working with the Consultant and the staff Bookkeeper, participate in the monthly close to learn best practices so that the close can be done timely and so that the resulting financial statements are materially correct in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Accountant agrees to instruct staff Bookkeeper on practices which are deemed to be more efficient or more effective as these may become known. Accountant agrees to provide instruction and guidance to staff Bookkeeper as opportunities arise. A detailed SOP of the monthly close is required to be completed. The staff Bookkeeper will write a comprehensive draft and the Accountant will edit and present final draft to the Consultant and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) for comment and approval.
B. Budgeting:
a. Scope: The COO and the Consultant will present a draft budget to the staff Bookkeeper and the Accountant. This will include a 3-year budget, of which Year One is expected to become the working budget for 2020 once approved by the Board of Directors in December 2019.
b. SOP:
i. An SOP of how to use the budget model will be created by the Consultant and the COO, and the Accountant and staff Bookkeeper will train on the budget model in order to fully understand how the budget is created and maintained using this model.
ii. An SOP of how to load the Board-approved budget into Quickbooks to the GL will be created by the staff Bookkeeper, and the Accountant will review and edit and present final draft of this SOP to the COO.
C. Board reports:
a. Scope: Primarily the staff Bookkeeper will prepare Board reports; however, it is required that the Accountant have the understanding and ability to prepare reports requested by the Executive Team and/or the Board of Directors in a timely manner in preparation for bi-annual Board meetings. The current Consultant has agreed to prepare Board reports for the December 2019 Board meeting. The Accountant will review the reports that the Consultant prepares and discuss such reports with the Consultant in order to learn the sources and uses of information within each report.
b. SOP: An SOP of how to prepare required Board reports will be created by the staff Bookkeeper, and the Accountant will review and edit and present final draft of this SOP to the COO and the Consultant.
D. Annual Reporting:
a. Scope: Assist the Consultant and staff Bookkeeper with the proper accounting procedures at year end to:
i. Provide accurate and complete data to the outside CPA firm for preparation of the Form 990. Such data will include, among other things, a breakdown of functional expenses prepared in a manner consistent with prior years.
ii. Prepare comparative annual financial statements in accordance with GAAP for the organization. Such annual financial statements will rely upon, and the Accountant must maintain, up-to-date Fixed Assets and Accumulated Depreciation records.
b. SOP: Working in conjunction with the Consultant and the staff Bookkeeper, the Accountant will assist in creating an SOP for how to prepare comparative annual financial statements in accordance with GAAP.
E. Software systems:
a. Scope: Adopt full familiarity, ability to train, and write SOPs for software systems including, but not limited to: Quickbooks Desktop, MyClientLine, First Bank, Resnexus, MindBodyOnline, and any/all future software systems that affect the accounting function of the organization.
F. Other duties as assigned:
a. Scope: To continue to track, oversee, train, and suggest SOPs for the Finance department of the organization, with other duties as assigned.
b. To assist with analyses and advice for Management when asked, and to assist with Strategic Planning when asked.
Independent Accountant Relationship. The Parties agree that Accountant is providing the Services under this Agreement and acting as an Independent Contractor and not as an employee. This Agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture, or any other fiduciary relationship between Client and Accountant. Accountant does not have any authority to enter into any agreements on Client’s behalf. At the beginning of this engagement, Accountant agrees to provide up-to-date Form W-9 with tax ID number to use for income reporting on Form 1099 at each year end.
Knowledge, Skills and Other Abilities:
Must have knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role
Competent in Microsoft Office and Quickbooks Desktop
Oral and Written Communication Skills
Organization Skills
Time Management
Human Resources Skills A Plus

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