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Graphic Designer - art/media/design

City: Saskatoon
Date: 11 Aug 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

Graphic Designer

About Live Five
Live Five is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a home for local professional theatre artists to develop their careers in Saskatchewan. Since 2004, Live Five has been raising awareness of independent theatre productions and local professional artists in Saskatoon by presenting a series of high calibre productions, combining multiple artistic visions from five local theatre companies into one powerful season. Run by an energetic board of directors, we do not produce the work, but rather invite artists to showcase their talent to our community while alleviating some of the stresses of producing, so they can remain focused on creating powerful pieces of theatre. We provide a support structure for artists to create their own work opportunities, encouraging collaboration between established and emerging artists, and promoting an environment of engagement and exploration between artists and audiences.

Position Overview
Live Five Independent Theatre is looking for a motivated graphic designer. The successful applicant will have experience in typesetting, poster design, and preparing digital and print advertisements. The candidate will work remotely with their own equipment and are expected to be proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to
• Adapting promotional images provided by our production companies for Live Five's various marketing needs throughout the year.
• Incorporating the above images to design Live Five marketing materials for the season (including brochures, posters, flyers, tickets, and house programs), as well as digital and physical advertisements and web formatted images.
• Ensure that artwork received from Live Five's advertising clients is formatted properly for Live Five materials
• Working with and reporting to the board and Live Five’s Marketing Manager

Estimated time would be 80-100 hours per year, with the peak season taking place from May-September. This is a contract position with remuneration of $25/hr. As there is no official Live Five office space, this position must be done remotely.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume
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