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Immediate Opening With Virtual Call Center - technical support - job employment

City: Columbia
Date: 10 Aug 2019
Category: Technical Support

Beyond Urban Discovery is a leading virtual call center partnering with multiple national level companies to provide exceptional customer service solutions
BUD is actively recruiting for a work from home customer service position. working with Beyond Urban discovery you will have full control over your schedule selecting when and for how long you work. We have numerous clients available some having hours open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Generous overtime is also usually offered.
Agents are expected to provide a stellar customer experience helping customers with a variety of requests ranging from educating them about their cable bill to booking the vacation of a lifetime.
It is important to note that all agents are independent contractors partnering with Beyond Urban Discovery and not full employes. While this means more flexibility in your schedule and control over your carer it also means that BUD does not offer benefits such as paid time off nor do we take out taxes.
Beyond Urban Discovery is a minority female owned and operated company fostering an inclusive work environment that looks to raise up all communities. We are especially sensitive to the special concerns of the queer community and those with a life limiting disability.
All clients require completion of a 4-6 week certification course.
Cost of the course ranges from $49.00 to $200.00 Depending on the client.
BUD does not cover the cost of the course nor do you receive pay during training

Pay ranges from 8.50hr-13.50hr depending on which client you service with the possibility for performed based bounces
Regular opportunities to move up within the client
Control over your own schedule with flexible hours available. Work as much or as little as you want.
Position is completely home based with zero travel. (Read no dress code and no commute)
18 years of age or older
Clear Speaking voice
Desktop computer with dual monitors
Ability to utilize multiple computer programs at the same time
High speed internet with wired connection and a home landline.
Quiet space to work without interruption
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