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City: New york city
Date: 09 Aug 2019
Category: Systems / Network

1. Job Description

Dish Technician for StarTech Plus the Best Rated Dish subcontractor on the North East for 8th year in a row. The basic responsibilities of a tech is to install, and service Dish services throughout the coverage area of their local Regional area. Each tech works 5-6 days per week, with 1-2 consecutive weekdays off. All techs must be prepared to work weekends, since those are usually the busiest days. Each tech is assigned work orders each day, and is expected to complete these work orders in the allotted time-frame that day. Techs are paid per job at the detailed rates below. All jobs completed must meet Dish standards. All technicians are considered self-employed.

2. Requirements

In order to be a technician , there are some mandatory requirements that all techs must meet. They are listed below.

Must be 18 yrs of age
Must have Valid Driver's License
Must have current vehicle insurance
Must pass drug/background check
Must have reliable pickup truck, or van to work out of.
Must own required tools by end of training period.
Must have good communication skills and ability to educate customers.
Must Have Cell Phone and Email.
3. Required Tools

All Technicians are required to have the following tools in order to do their jobs. Most are basic hand tools, but some are specialty tools. Startech management will work with you to get you some of these specialty tools, if necessary. A complete list of all useful tools will be available upon request.

28+ foot ladder
Cordless Power Drill (volt will work, but 18+ is preferred)
1/2" x 12"-18" drill bits

Super Buddy Satellite Meter
Cable Fitting Compression tool
Cable Stripping tool
Cable Toner

4. PayScale

All Technicians are paid on a per-job basis. Only completed jobs! **A completed job is one that is completed at the job site, Closed with the service office, all necessary paperwork checked in on time, and listed on pay sheet ** (In order words, if we do not get paid, you do not get paid. So it is important that everything is required to get paid for the job is done accordingly.) Paychecks are distributed every week, with 1 waiting week from the start of your first day. Pay Scale is as follows...

New Connects/Dish Movers/Re-Connects/Restarts
$80 for initial install plus $15 per every TV or task connected after 1.

Average Technician make about $1,000 to 1,500 plus Tips per week. We pay weekly!

$45 for any Dish installation plus 15$ for every new TV connected after 1.

Install TV's on the Wall $100 per TV

Install Google Nest Products and Ring.

++This does not include existing TV's already installed. Only TV's getting replacement receivers count.

Service Calls
$45 per service call.

Customer Extras
$ (various) per customer extra, but only if the extra is listed on the work order

++ Customer extras are usually things that Dish Network charges the customer extra for, as they fall outside the Free Standard Installation. These include Mirrored TVs, TV's moved to a different location, wall fishing and dish relocation at customer request.

Trouble Calls
$45 per Trouble calls.

For more info and If you're interested...feel free to call (888) 344-2220: ask for Tony (We are Independent Contractors).
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