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Photo Retoucher- will train the right person - art / media / design - job employment

City: Raleigh / durham / CH
Date: 31 Jul 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

I am a photographer in Raleigh in need of a photo retoucher.

This is a part-time position, for extra money, that will eventually become full-time if desired.

You will work from home. I will send you to a site to download the files. You retouch them and upload them back.

This is a good position for a disabled person or a deaf person or stay at home Mom who wants to earn extra money.

Set your own hours within certain parameters, but must also be able to meet deadlines when necessary.

Must be dependable. If I need you to finish a job and you can't because the cat has diarrhea or something, it's not going to work.

Much of the work is production work and can be very boring, and tedious, although if you're good at it, you will be given more creative and challenging work. Remember, I said it is boring. Don't make me train you and you quit the first day because it's not creative enough. I'll say it again. It is BORING, OK? If you can't handle it don't apply. I'm a nice guy but I've had enough of people quitting the first day or two weeks into it because they are an "Arteest" and it's not creative enough. I've been doing it for years because someone has to do it. Actually, I find it relaxing, but I just don't have time any more. If you are mature and you know what I'm talking about, you may fit in well. The better I can trust you with the boring stuff, the more likely I am to teach you the cool stuff, and then it gets fun.

1) Familiar with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is a plus but not necessary. If I like you and I think we work well together I can train you.
2) Must be art inclined. If you paint, draw, sing, write or take pictures you may work well.
3) Knowledge of basic digital photography is a plus, but again, if I like you and you are a quick learner I will train you.
3) Must be willing to sit in front of a computer for long periods without tiring and without extraneous interruptions. In order to do this you can't have a house full of kids unless someone is there to watch them.
4) I will ask you a series of questions to see where you are in your knowledge. It's not pass or fail, I just want to know how much I have to teach you and if you have the aptitude for the work.
5) You will need a Square account and since I don't set your hours, and you don't have to show up for work at a given time I will issue you a 1099.
6) You must have a computer with enough memory to crunch the photos. 6GB RAM minimum. The more the better. Large HD or SSD is a plus, 500GB -1TB. Monitor must be able to be calibrated.

Work may be sporadic at first but will quickly accelerate. If you don't want to work more than part-time I will add another person.

Pay is by the piece, per image. You will make enough for a typical part-time job, and it will depend on your experience. If I have to train you from the ground up you start at entry level and as you progress you will get a raise.

I believe in investing in my people. I will treat you with respect and dignity and I can be fun, but we have to get the work done bottom line.

Please reply with a little about yourself, experience, if any, resumes welcome, and answer this Question:


I look forward to hearing from all the good folks out there in Craiglist land?;-) remember the question.
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