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FULL TIME ACCOUNTING SPECIALIST WITH NONPROFITS – CPA FIRM - accounting / finance - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 12 Jul 2019
Category: Accounting & Finance

Altruic Advisors is a small firm providing accounting services exclusively to nonprofit organizations, and we are looking for sharp, talented, energetic people to become part of our team. Our firm's core value is to help nonprofits make a difference in the world, and we strive to seek out team members with this same life goal.

As an Accounting Specialist you will provide on-site and remote accounting services to our nonprofit clients located across the US. The following is a list of skills that the applicant must possess:

1. Accounting Skills:
a. Foundational knowledge of “debit/credit” accounting
b. Ability to fully reconcile each trial balance account within the balance sheet
c. Knowledge of accounts payable and accounts receivable including experience processing invoices, expense reimbursements, cash receipts, credit card expenses, and maintaining the proper supporting documentation
d. Familiarity with GAAP for nonprofit organizations
e. Flexibility in working with each client’s unique chart of accounts and class codes; understanding of appropriate coding in each situation
f. Experience with Quickbooks, Excel, and will be advantageous
2. Team/Interpersonal Skills:
a. Ability to communicate directly and effectively with accounting team members as well as the client and client’s staff
b. Ability to build a strong professional rapport with the client giving consideration to the client’s unique nature of business and mission.
3. Professional Style:
a. Detail-oriented, readily and independently reviewing work for quality
b. Organized, completing tasks in an efficient and timely manner
c. Self-directed and able to determine work priorities independently; at the same time, views oneself as a member of the team
d. Flexible, managing a varied workload with multiple unique clients on a daily basis

While this position allows for approximately 75% of the work to be performed remotely in a home office, it will be necessary for the candidate to have self-confidence and a thorough knowledge of and ability to explain key accounting principles and our firm's procedures when meeting with Denver-area clients/potential clients independently. When working remotely, it is expected that our staff members maintain a quiet, distraction-free workspace to enable professional phone communication and that they be available during normal business hours.

We operate in a paperless environment, using only online applications (cloud computing), so you'll need to be very comfortable utilizing technology. You will be provided with a company laptop, dual monitor, and all of the software necessary to access the online applications. It will be necessary that you provide your own reliable internet access when working from home.

The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2 years’ experience in public accounting and/or outsourced accounting.

The salary is $54,000 annually plus possible year-end bonuses based on factors including productivity and realization. Current benefits include health insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) plan.

Please reply with resume and cover letter to apply for this position. No applicant will be considered without a cover letter.
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