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Proofreading/Transcribing - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Charlotte
Date: 12 Jul 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

This job requires reviewing the final draft of an interview or show to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

Proofreaders do exactly what their job title suggests: they proofread materials for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, consistency, content writing, and brand voice. Proofreaders review and markup written work, such as interviews from major networks, and other production companies.

Crosscheck References and Data
- Proofreaders are tasked with ensuring the accuracy of the content. They verify the accuracy of all referenced facts (e.g., dates, pages, values) and double-check cross-referenced materials (e.g., websites, newspapers). Names, locations, and other important facts must be spelled correctly.

Review Output for Consistency
- Proofreaders also review content with an eye towards product or brand consistency. Accordingly, proofreaders are familiar with company-wide work to maintain consistency.

Collaborate with Team Members
- Proofreaders, working as part of a larger editing team, provide constructive editorial input, and communicate with team members to ensure consistent, accurate, and high-quality work products.

-- Some transcription might be needed if the source material sent by the client isn’t a good fit for the end product. This will include transcribing the provided audio/video to a provided template and proofreading before you turn the transcript in to make sure it’s to our high-quality standards.

--Rates for proofreading range from .60 - .80 depending on the amount of work that is needed to bring the provided transcript up to our standards. Transcription rates will generally be higher than proofing rates due to the amount of work needed compared to proofing.

-- You work on your own time from home. For most projects, you will have up to 45 hours after receiving the files to complete the proofing work and return them. You have the flexibility to work mornings, nights and/or weekends, as best suits your lifestyle as long as work is turned in before the deadline. The ideal candidate will be willing to put in at least six to eight hours a day.

Please send your resume and contact email.

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