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Associate Attorney - Work from Home - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 11 Jul 2019
Category: legal / paralegal

Ambitious Attorney Needed

Manage your own case load from beginning to end, with your own clients and discretion to make strategic decisions. You will work very closely with a supervising attorney to guide your steps along the way. If you have no experience in criminal defense, child abuse, dependency or administrative matters, that’s okay—you will learn on the job.

Follow the Proven Process to Win Your Cases

Case files in this firm are process-driven, to avoid confusion and mismanagement. Many of the steps in the process are automated, leveraging technology to make your job easier. Following the proven process, your likelihood of success is quite high, both in terms of managing your clients and also winning their cases.

Become an Expert in the Field

You will be provided with guides and templated motions, arguments, pleadings, letters…everything you need to successfully address every issue that could possibly come up in any of your cases. You will quickly become an expert in your own right in this area of law, which is a sub-specialty of administrative law, defending those who have been accused of committing child abuse by county child welfare services agencies.

About the Firm

The law firm is known across the state as the premier legal advocate in administrative child abuse defense proceedings. The firm is highly respected for its professionalism and commitment to winning its clients’ cases. You will continue to earn that respect.

Excellent Legal Work Environment

You will work full-time, from home. Most of your work will consist of reviewing and preparing documents on a computer and communicating with others via phone and email. However, the firm takes cases statewide, so you may be traveling away from home, for a few days at a time. Historically, travel has not been required more than a couple times a month.


• Greet new clients warmly and promptly
• Communicate with each client at least once every 2 weeks
• Prepare & send letters of representation to government agencies
• Communicate via phone and email with county employees from agencies such as child welfare services and county counsel
• Obtain the government’s evidence by informal request or formal petition in juvenile court
• Review government’s evidence
• Manage the retrieval of your evidence by your client and witnesses
• Develop the best strategy for winning your case
• Conduct online legal research as necessary
• Prepare the package of documentary evidence and written arguments you will be presenting at the hearing
• Prepare client and witnesses prior to testifying
• Prepare for trial/hearing
• Appear in informal administrative hearings conducted by county officials all over the state of CA
• Introduce evidence into the record
• Argue against admissibility of government evidence
• Cross-examine opposing witnesses
• Conduct direct examination of your own witnesses
• Present closing argument
• Explain the impact of the results of the hearing to your clients
• Prepare and send the final/close letter to clients
• (optional) Represent clients in criminal cases, from beginning to end (trial)
• (optional) Represent clients in petitions for writ of mandamus in court
• Conduct any and all other tasks as required for the smooth operation of the law office, including taking and making phone calls, going to the post office to send out certified mail, writing emails, writing letters and legal memoranda, obtaining statistics from county agencies, booking travel accommodations (car rental, flight), and a host of other tasks.


• J.D. and an active CA bar license
• Willingness to travel for 2-4 days at a time throughout California
• Strong desire to help people who have suffered an injustice at the hands of the government
• Ability to build rapport with clients
• Express professional empathy and understanding to co-workers, clients, and government employees
• Keep a polite, patient, even temper even in difficult situations with clients and government employees
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Dress professionally when in the presence of clients and government employees

Preferred Experience

• Jury trial or court trial


TBD/percentage of fees on cases worked

How to Apply

This position is waiting to be filled immediately. You need not live in San Diego County to fill this position. Only those applicants selected to continue the hiring process will be contacted.

Email 1) your resume and 2) a cover letter explaining why you believe you want to defend people accused of committing child abuse. If you have never practiced criminal defense or dependency law, please further explain in the cover letter why you are a good fit for this position. If you have jury trial experience, please describe it in your cover letter.

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