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City: San diego
Date: 11 Jul 2019
Category: legal / paralegal

San Diego criminal defense attorney seeks a licensed attorney, unlicensed law grad or 3rd year law school student to second chair a very serious child abuse felony trial scheduled for August 28th. The successful candidate will receive a substantial role in the trial as well as a stipend.

You'll be mentored by a highly experienced trial attorney who has tried numerous criminal cases to a jury verdict or hung jury. By the end of this trial, you'll feel completely at home in the courtroom. You'll receive recommendation letters from the lead defense attorney, and, possibly, from the judge and prosecutor as well. This experience will look great on your CV. It will separate you from other job candidates when you apply for future positions, even from candidates who have better undergraduate and law school records.

Most younger attorneys lack trial experience. By the end of this trial, you'll have become a real litigator with trial skills you can carry into any area of litigation.

Here's what you can expect to learn from this experience:

1. How to conduct the initial interview with your client.
2. How to conduct a criminal investigation. How NOT to conduct a criminal investigation. How to work with your professional investigator to interview witnesses, inspect, diagram, take photographs and videos of crime scenes. How to work with your investigator to search for exculpatory and potentially incriminating evidence.
3. How to select, prepare and utilize expert witnesses and how to convert a prosecution expert into a defense expert.
4. How to identify, research and write crucial pretrial motions.
5. How to prepare subpoenas for witnesses and documents/electronic media. How to use the subpoena power to gain cooperation from prosecution witnesses. How to identify and subpoena critical evidence DA not obligated to provide under PC 1054 et. seq.
6. How to prepare the opening statement and closing argument. How tech aids like Powerpoint, excel and other demonstrative evidence are integrated into voir dire, opening statements, witness examinations and closing arguments.
7. How to prepare a timeline congruent with your litigation plan so that you can manage and budget your time.
8. How to interview, prepare and examine defense witnesses and cross examine prosecution witnesses.
9. How to identify discovery that the prosecution should provide to the defense otherwise known as "Brady material". How to pressure the DA to produce that discovery and how to prepare and litigate a motion to compel discovery, if necessary.
10. How to identify and write successful pretrial motions such as PC 995, compel discovery, Trombetta,.
11. How to select a jury, research and write great in limine motions, jury instructions and a powerful trial brief. You will actively participate in the jury selection process and have major input into jury challenges.
12. How to behave in a court room, observe appropriate courtroom etiquette, how to influence jurors with simple behavioral techniques, how to react to the prosecution's litigation style and how to become a commanding presence and leader during trial.
13. You will conduct at least one direct examination of a defense witness.
14. You will be responsible for setting up Powerpoint presentations during the opening statement and closing arguments. You'll also set up audio/visual segments to be inserted into voir dire, opening statement and closing argument.

The successful candidate for this position must possess the following qualities:

1. Personality: you must have a warm, compassionate and friendly personality to communicate effectively with clients and other parties. YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD "LISTENER". This quality, more than any other, will transform you into an elite trial lawyer.

2. IT skills: Generally, very proficient with computers and other technology that will be utilized in this trial. Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Exel) is mandatory. Any digital marketing experience (ie. SEO, social media) is a big plus! We're going to use the social media as a potent discovery tool.

3. Motion writing: stellar research and writing skills. Preferably, you've written motions on constitutional legal issues in the area of criminal law, such as motions to suppress evidence and confessions, PC 995 motions, trial briefs, in limine motions, motions to compel discovery and other criminal law motions.

4. Oral advocacy skills: Must be a polished speaker, confident, but not cocky, persuasive but not overpowering. Any moot court, debate or other oral advocacy experience will give you an edge.

5. Commitment: Must be absolutely willing to make a major time commitment. If you have other signficant time commitments. This is not the right position for you.

Please send a CV, cover letter, several relevant motions and character references.

Thank you.

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