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Forensic and Clinical Neuropsychology Research Assistant - healthcare - job employment

City: Orange county
Date: 11 Jul 2019
Category: Medical / Health

IMMEDIATE OPENING for psychology student who has experience in research methods, HIPAA, file management, interface with legal and health care professionals.

Must be a team leader with strong organizational skills. Must be personable on the phone and be able to interact with a wide range of patients and clinical/forensic matters. Multitasking and computer literacy are essential as well as the ability to manage patient accounting. Flexible scheduling to accommodate students. Great academic and research atmosphere with support given to team members/students in their career development. Opportunity to co-present papers at forensic psychology conferences as well as to contribute to forensic blog. Must be independent, creative, and dependable with time given to practice.

1099 Independent Contract position. Position will be available latter part of August, 2019!..Must be independent and have had research methods and statistics as well as SPSS...Must have proficiency to apply evidence based research to forensic cases.
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