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Web/Mobile Contract Software Developer - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 11 Jul 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

I'm seeking a talented, motivated software developer with experience designing, building, deploying, and maintaining Web and mobile applications.

Sure, I can offshore it. And I might but first I wanted to see if there are any fellow tech-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded Americans interested in working with me on this pretty quick project targeting a very specific and under-served (neglected, really) niche. I'm an expert in the space as well (and I've launched a handful of other companies - happy to share my creds if there's mutual interest).

Without saying too much (I'll require an NDA), we'll be building a community around this niche with (initially) the most basic social network features, plus others such as a Job Board/system, Administrative features for users to build & manage their own businesses (our users are independent contractors that run their own businesses), and tapping into the native mobile features for mapping and others, plus basic communications, contact/document sharing/storage, and integrations with 3rd party API's. And, of course: making it look good (we'll have designers too).

The person I'd like to hire is probably already gainfully employed, so I'm looking to make this a win-win by being flexible on time, and also offer some upside to my new tech leader and colleague.

Financially: I'd like to put a price tag on each feature and set a schedule with monthly milestones for a fixed price. No hourly workers here. And upon our launch hitting certain milestones (again: happy to share details and financial projections with the selected candidate(s)). Know someone? Shoot 'em this link!

Upside: Because we're largely tapping into and offering employment in a niche that does not have a mobile app (yet everyone relies on their phone), and we're also tapping into the super-fast-growing "gig economy" - we're offering our users opportunities to make very substantial incomes doing the jobs that will be advertised on our board (people spend thousands weekly on CL ads alone for this niche). So this is a big market and a potentially highly lucrative business, and as a software-as-a-service business model: very profitable. Again: happy to disclose more to a vetted candidate who has serious interest. But suffice it to say: I'd like to work with the successful candidate on an ongoing basis as we grow and I believe we can offer a $100k+ executive-level comp package to the person that helps us build our software, and a pretty chill schedule and great work environment to boot, and some people to manage too in the future.

Because I'm bootstrapping this personally, I can afford only so much cash monthly to get this built, so I'm looking for someone that gets that. I could and may raise money but I'd rather not (I've raised millions for other startups). I've only mentioned this to a couple close friends who are developers and they are all interested. And married. So jumping ship isn't an option for them.

I know exactly how much this costs to build and how long this project takes if I hire an offshore team, but again: I'm looking for someone who wants to be a part of a successful project and I'd rather hire someone here for many, many reasons.

And I want to build this software now. The market wants it too.

If you're interested in more information in this project, get in touch and tell me a little bit about yourself/experience/preferred languages/platforms/frameworks/tools - I speak the language.

When you do, I can send you some documents to give you an overview after the NDA is signed. And I'll be happy to chat with you on the phone before any meeting.

Also: I'm not new at this. I've started a few successful businesses, I've raised millions for startups, I've bootstrapped, and I've got over 20 years starting companies (I run a few now). This isn't a big project (it can be done in a few months - weeks if I hired a team) and it will do well. Get in touch if you're interested.

Thanks for reading.
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