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Creative Agency Start-Up Looking For videographer / editor - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Phoenix
Date: 11 Jul 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

Though we're not exactly a new start-up, we've been around since 2007. However, we're making a full pivot as a company, which requires us to fully rebrand and shoot new content.

We're looking for a college student or hobbyist ideally since the hours won't be consistent - but once we get going we're fully prepared to offer a full-employment package. Until then this is essentially a per-contact work. This isn't one of those "we promise the world in hopes you give us everything for free" situations. We're an established company ready to implement any employment deal to help us get started.

We need someone who is capable of collaborating in part with the creative direction - not just a person behind the camera. We want you to have some say in this process as well, to try new things, and fail forward.

We also need someone with enough technical knowledge to use a resource on how best to implement certain video and generally be available for consulting before shots.

We have equipment, we have everything you'd need to start. If you have equipment too that's great too. This is a great opportunity for those starting, as we can be a great reference for you.
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