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Film marketer/publicist needed - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 06 Jul 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

Film marketer/publicist needed to bring a serio-comic, cerebral, "Borat meets Michael Moore,” "quirky, Swiftian modest proposal,” feature-length documentary to its brainy audience. I am looking for a long-term business relationship with a person who knows how to do not just the basics (like placing the film on Amazon, etc.) but knows how to target very specific audiences in the online world. You may read about the film on its website, The film was mostly completed in 2012 but I continued to tinker with it to this day, while having gotten it accepted for screenings at 25 festivals, mostly 2013-2015. No important distributor made an offer, and I don't have the time or interest in learning self-distribution. So what I'm looking for is someone who knows what needs to be done and over a period of a year or so, bring this film to the audiences that will treasure it. Because this is an online transaction, I will rely heavily on references. Most recently I was invited to screen the film at at Cornell University, a screening cosponsored by four different academic departments. I think that universities will prove to be the most interested, especially departments that have to do with history, political science, Jewish studies, Native American studies, German studies, and religious studies. Therefore, any experience that you have marketing to an academic demographic will definitely be a plus. There is also an opportunity to market an exceptional image on posters/T-shirts. In case I haven't made it clear, I am looking for someone who will actually execute a marketing plan, not simply consult.
As a start, please send me a list of films you have marketed to begin a conversation and hopefully a lengthy collaboration.

Marc Halberstadt

[email protected]
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