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Project Manager, UX/UI Designers, Developers - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Salt lake city
Date: 31 May 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

We are looking for a part-time contract staff(starting at around 20 hours/week on a contract basis) for a digital creative agency based in Santa Monica. Our focus is on designing and building digital products that range from simple websites and mobile apps, all the way to custom software and API development. Our ideal client is using technology in the space of sustainability, social justice, and education. Here’s a quick list of some of the things we’re looking for:

* Location: One of the agency partners is planning a relocation to Salt Lake City, and plans to open an office in Sugarhouse or Downtown. Working from home will be fine, and eventually will have client meetings in an office there.
* Availability: We will need daily (weekday) availability to some capacity. That doesn’t mean being on call all day, but we’ll need some days where you will have business hour (PST) availability to answer emails, be on calls, etc. In terms of messages and emails, we ask that at a minimum that they be returned in a 24 hour period, M-F.
* Computer Literacy for PMs: Most of the team are on Macs, but the majority of tools we use are browser-based. Being very self-sufficient in terms of working with computers in general is a must. Knowing your way around Google Apps is also a must. We also use tools like Trello, InVision, Zoom, and Dropbox pretty heavily, but those are easy to pick up.
* Technical Background for PM: The more the better, but there is no need for a deep understanding of engineering disciplines, although you will often be sitting between the client and our engineering team.
* Design Background PM: Same as technical; not required but any previous work around user experience or visual design would be helpful.
* People and Communication Skills: You’ll need loads of these, both oral and written. As the conduit between the exceptions of the client, and the team members responsible for deliverables, there are always wrinkles to smooth out with both parties and lots of trains to keep running on time.
* Project Management Experience: If you’ve got a grip on most of the above but have never been a PM, we don’t really care. It would be nice to know about things like agile development methodologies, sprint planning, and Gantt charts, but the capacity to listen, learn, and Google the hell out of anything you don’t know is most important to us.
* Education: We couldn’t care less if you have a degree, a certification, or anything in-between. We do care about those communication skills, the ability to pick things up, and hustle.
* Some of the regular tasks will include:
* Coordinating and hosting weekly stand-up video conferences with clients for all open projects
* Ensuring new projects undergo a completed checklist of tasks when they spool up
* Weekly summary reports of all open projects
* Checking in with the logged hours on time & materials projects to ensure they are tracking within budget
* Ownership of the project board (Trello) for all open jobs

For designers/developers, we really do a bit of everything. We're pretty into Sketch these days and are language/framework agnostic on tech.

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