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FILM MAKERS WANTED/ SUPERHERO FEATURES SHARED UNIVERSE - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 03 May 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video


Hello, I am looking to partner up with another fellow screenwriter to work on a superhero feature, new screenwriters are okay, if we work well together, I will have consistent work as this film is part of a much larger shared universe of characters. Character grids, concept, the story will be provided, making your job much easier, we would partner up and write the script together feel free to add as much of your own unique creativity to the work as this is always preferred, We do have a much larger number of character that will come together after they are established my intent is to provide work for new artist such as my self and make it easier to get ahead, I know how hard this industry can be for a new artist that is why I am pulling my resources and connections together in hopes we can create something groundbreaking together and help each other get ahead. If this job piques your interest. Original characters and concepts will be welcomed only after we work on the first project together [PITCHES & SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME]


Looking for dp's who can shoot with Panavision 35. mm film, or Red epic (film preferred)


. Looking for costume artist with access to 3-D printer to create superhero costumes Think Marvel style. Detailed concept art will be provided.


looking for an artist who can create miniature scale model sets. We will digitally place the actor into the set.
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