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NumberBarn Support Team Member - technical support - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 30 Apr 2019
Category: Technical Support is looking for members to join our expanding support team. NumberBarn is a number-management company that helps people find and forward phone numbers. Yes, phone numbers! They’re still a thing, and as popular as ever.

We believe behind every great telephone number is a beautiful idea, opportunity, or person. NumberBarn helps drive the economy by connecting the things people love most. We believe those meaningful connections start with us, and look for the following in our team members.

• Self-motivated and interested in learning on-the-go.
• Performs well in a loosely-structured, well-resourced, high-growth, start-up organization.
• Detail-oriented with excellent customer engagement skills.
• Able to work under pressure, but doesn’t take their position or work too seriously.
• Work independently and communicate effectively with cross-functional team members.
• Approach work from a Strengths-based mindset.
• Own open issues and see them through to the end.

• We are a fun-filled, hard-working, creative bunch that loves jokes, sarcasm, and pigs.
• We GSD (Get Stuff Done), but sometimes it takes time.
• We hurry up and wait, multi-task, wear lots of hats, collaborate, and use our strengths.
• We hate BS, love authenticity, hate consultants, but love a good product.
• We do what we love, and love what we do.
• We treat each other like family, which means sometimes we break each other’s toys.
• We strive to do what we do well.
• We connect people, ideas, and opportunities.

• Previous work experience in some customer-support field or position.
• Learn the ropes, ethos, and product of NumberBarn through onsite support training.
• Help support NumberBarn customers via email and chat with possible phone support in the future.
• Provide first impressions of our pig-friendly, farm-fresh, California- cheeky company.
• Handle inbound email to resolve issues with client services or account set up.
• Be a customer advocate: fight for them until their number needs are met.
• Helping customers configure their accounts.
• Respond to customer help tickets, and product inquiries within the hour.
• Use internal resources to aid customers with troubled port outs and transfers.
• Contacting and troubleshooting vendor related issues with port outs.

Join our team today and help the world become NumberSmart through NumberBarn, where we increase the world’s IQ one number at a time.
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