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"CO-COUNSEL" OR "OF COUNSEL" CHAPTER 11 ASSISTANCE!! - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 30 Apr 2019
Category: legal / paralegal


**Don't turn down or refer out your potential Chapter 11 cases!

Instead, contact me immediately. I am a very experienced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney who has successfully confirmed multiple Chapter 11 cases within the past 9 years.

Once you keep these cases, I can work with you from the point of initial client meeting through formal confirmation of the case.

We can co-counsel to get these cases confirmed.

In the alternative, I also offer "of counsel" advisory assistance on an as needed basis (ask for details): I can provide advice during the course of the bankruptcy, personal appearances on case matters, and assistance with writing the Disclosure Statement and Plan necessary for Confirmation. I can provide you with legal guidance from beginning to end.

If you agree to an association, you can keep your Chapter 11 cases in house, earn potentially substantial legal fees, and vastly increase your probability of getting these cases successfully confirmed.

Please note the following three important qualifications:

*(1) Your firm must either have an on-going Chapter 11 case or regular access to such cases.

*(2) Your firm should need specific expertise or assistance in the area of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in order to confirm these cases.

*(3) Your firm must have a sincere interest in getting the clients' cases successfully confirmed.

If you or your firm satisfies these three requirements, contact me immediately to discuss an immediate association.

Thank You, John Bauer

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