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Work from any quiet location and help people - technical support - job employment

City: Boston
Date: 15 Apr 2019
Category: Technical Support

Family Law Software is the leading developer of software specifically for family law attorneys.

We are looking for someone to help our customers with their installation issues, account questions, software updates, and challenging software questions.

The software you will be supporting has a fair amount of complexity. So if you like to be intellectually challenged, and you like helping people solve their problems, this job may be for you!

We are looking for someone who is friendly, calm, patient, smart, and hard-working.

This is a full-time position, and you can work in your own home - or any location that is quiet and where you can talk on the phone.

We are a small company with good people.

Job description:

- Respond to phone calls and emails from attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals with a variety of questions about the software.

- Respond to phone calls and emails from individuals who have questions about the client edition of the software.

- Respond over the phone (sometimes using remote desktop software) to help people with challenging installation situations.

- Respond to people who have questions about their account, billing, etc.

- Give people information about the product.


- Good social skills, calm and friendly demeanor, and patience. (Some of our customers are not going to be as familiar with Windows and Mac as you are!)

- Enjoy talking with people and helping them solve their problems.

- Experience working remotely.

- Understanding of how to install software under Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

- Understanding of how to run software on Windows and Macintosh.

- Experience with Word and Excel on Windows and Macintosh.

- Be organized.

- Be very careful and detail-oriented.

- Be responsible -- we will be depending on you!

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send your resume, and please answer the following questions (this will be our first applicant screen).

1. Remote work experience. Tell us about any experience you have "working from home."

2. Word and Excel. Tell us a bit about how you have used Word and Excel.

3. Customer service. Have you ever worked in customer service or technical support? Tell us about it.

4. Work style. Tell us a bit about your work style.

5. Software applications. Tell us about the software applications you have learned.

6. Good fit? Do you see yourself as a good fit for this position? What concerns do you have?
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