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Start Your Own Business Or Use This Virtual Device To Promote Another! - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Sacramento
Date: 10 Apr 2019
Category: legal / paralegal

Introducing the “VF Ad Pin"

Royaltie is a Tech Company specializing in lead generation and
has revolutionized the way companies promote and brand their
business on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Youtube, CNN, Forbes and Google to name a few.

The VF Gem Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts
NEW Customers by Sending Sponsored Ads to Phones within
1,000-10,000 meters of the device with your Message, Picture
and Link to...

It's Incredible! Not many have seen this, so your customers will
be instantly intrigued! The VF Gem uses your cellphone to trigger
targeted ads within your proximity of up to 10,000 meters or you
can drop a Virtual Pin on a map anywhere around the world and
advertise within that radius.

So that means you can advertise “ANYWHERE” around the world
regardless of your physical location. How cool would it be to live
in Hollywood but Advertise in New York Time Square with the
drop of a pin? It’s truly that simple!

The VF Gem comes with a minimum 5,000 monthly impressions
(views) and can be easily set up on your phone or back office,
just by typing in the message, description, picture and link you
want to promote. It's insane!

Businesses buy dozens of them at a time. They place Virtual Pins
over stadiums, high traffic dept. stores, conventions, sporting
events, concerts, malls, tourist attractions etc.

Some of Easiest Categories to Sell the Gem's Include; Real
Estate Agents/Rental Communities:

Place a Pin over each of your properties, so that anyone driving
by or viewing the property can watch a virtual tour of the listing
or be directed to a download link where they can receive a
comprehensive property report, and demographics of the area!
Your Ad can lead them to a mortgage payment calculator or a
pre-qualification questionnaire and your immediate contact

Car/Truck Dealerships, Home Service/Improvement Companies,
Vape Shops, Salons/ Barbers, Bars/Restaurants, Musicians,
Models, Actors, Marketers, etc etc


This can be a get out there and present the product type
business and or you can promote the business online, and to
businesses that will use "VF Gem" to sell their own product or
service. We will explain this when we speak. We will teach you
the entire selling process down to the questions your prospects
will ask and the answers to them.

You will receive a "full" marketing system that does all of the
telling and selling for you like this one:
You're earning Upfront Commissions and Residual Income. When
the customer signs up for any Royaltie service or purchase any
products within the company (just like they do their cable/internet
bill) you get paid, and then every time your customer pays their
monthly bill for the Royaltie Services, you get a Monthly Override,

1 Presentation Close - 15 Min. Sale! Once you see the 3-min.
video on how it works (the same video you're going to show your
prospects) you'll understand why it's such a game changer and
why your prospects are going to say "no way?! let's do it!" with no
consideration, but a few questions on how it works.

Get this: 1Gem is only $77 down and $47/mo after. For a small
business owner this is PEANUTS, but you get a % of their
monthly bill and they never stop paying!! And if you think about it,
it's not like you're pitching a product in the 4 figures, so they buy
it right then and there, show it to all their friends who are also
going to want them too, never stop paying for them, and buy
more as they get more sales from them. It's a beautiful thing.
People place Pins over stadiums, malls, conventions; no
hardware required and you can remotely change the ads in real
time. Have your virtual Gem with you on your next trip and
receive THOUSANDS of impressions while in route!

Not kidding! So, let's show you the coolest thing since the
camera phone! Nothing on the earth is easier to sell, NOTHING!
Before we speak, please familiarize yourself with Royaltie and
everything Royaltie has to offer at
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