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BI Developer, Full Time Remote: SSAS Tabular, PowerBI, SSRS, SQL - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Orlando
Date: 09 Apr 2019
Category: Software / QA / DBA

This is a full time position, 98% remote work (meet in person once per month for a couple hours).
MSBI Developer Job Description:
Looking for a someone to work with a small team of developers for a large company based in California. Must really know your way around SSAS Tabular (and Visual Studio), and comfortable using SQL Data Warehouse (dimensional model). The main BI development is a team of four, at most, but one of those guys cannot write code (except some DAX), and the other one no longer writes any code (but has extreme talent).
Daily progress will be expected on deliverables among the following:
  1. SSAS Tabular Model
  2. SSRS Reports
  3. PowerBI Reports and Dashboard
  4. SQL Data Prep and ETL

For the most part, the goal is daily progress with weekly deployments. There are often small edits to live objects; these are typically expected same day or next day.

Requirements, Demonstrable Skills:
  • SSAS Tabular, using Visual Studio to model and deploy
  • DAX, writing DAX to create measures
  • Create and modify PowerBI reports and dashboards
  • Create and edit SSRS reports
  • Write SQL

The meaning of "demonstrable skills" is that applicants will be asked during an online interview to demonstrate via screen share either a tour of a development system and/or talk to the various parts of a complete BI stack, for the technologies listed above. This can be a dev system of the developer-candidates, or it can be a dev environment provided by the interviewer.


Employer is a large rental company based in Bakersfield, CA. Currently all of these tasks are completed by one developer who works remotely from Orlando, FL. The new-hire will work with this person daily. Typical interaction is usually by chat (MS Teams), plus some phone calls and online meetings (GoToMtg and Zoom). 

The candidate is expected to work full-time with no other outside projects or side jobs that impact availabilty to meet the need for daily progress. The workday schedule is otherwise flexible, as in it's expected to work 40 hours in a week, usually by working about eight hours in a day, and most of those hours being during "normal" business hours.

The ideal candidate is comfortable with small teams -- not everyone is. If your experience is more specific to a role, then you might not like this environment. Also, it's hoped to find someone who provides balance to the existing MSBI developer, who is very much a perfectionist, and likes to design to consistent standards, deliberate with every object name, etc. By "balance" we mean that you complement those skills. You can follow existing standards and conventions but keep things move things along.

The plan is for this person to become a full time employee, benefits and all. It is possible that a contract would be considered, or contract-to-hire. What is not wanted, however, is a person who will work in this position for the short-term. However, the company is flexible and is capable of responding with the right scenario to match up with an attractive candidate.

Please respond with an introduction email that considers the main points of this job posting. In your email be sure to call attention to the ways in which you are a good fit for this role. Also, please attach your resume. Qualified candidates will be contacted within 24-48 hours to schedule an interview.

Thank you.

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