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Virtual Assistant for YouTuber & Entrepreneur - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 08 Apr 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

Virtual Assistant for YouTuber & Entrepreneur
(posted 4/8/19)

This is a part-time role, starting between 40-60 hours per month. If we work well together, this will likely increase to more hours per month.

We work flexible hours.

Our team is entirely remote. You can work anywhere, as long as you have access to internet and a computer.
This is not an entry-level position. You MUST have at least 1-2 years experience working remotely as an executive assistant for a business owner or show comparable experience

Expect to get several requests/day from me, many of which include tasks that must be done that day.
You’ll handle both my business and personal details, including scheduling, customer support requests, uploading blog posts, managing social media, and making personal appointments.

Our clients are brilliant, ambitious women, so you must be able to write with a caring-yet-professional tone and have a desire to treat my clients like they are your family.

Be available to travel to Los Angeles and Chicago for team meetings.

I’m looking for someone proactive and detail-oriented to be my virtual assistant.

This will be a fast-paced and challenging role. What’s worse is I won’t tell you how to do many of your assigned tasks because I’m counting on you to help me define “the way we do things,” including building the systems to support it going forward. Organizing and streamlining operations is NOT my gift - I’m looking to partner with someone who can fill in the gaps in my business.

To be blunt, I’m looking for a badass organizer who loves working in a fast paced environment and making sure things are done the right way, on time. If you’re the kind of weirdo who is energized by being given a pile of disorganized problems and taking charge to make things work better, this might be a role for you.

We are often working closely with clients who are in the midst of hardship. You will not be asked to be a people-pleaser but everyone on our team must act with integrity and compassion for others.

When we’re not tackling difficult issues, we like to do cool things and have fun doing them.

My business partner is one of the top direct response copywriters and marketers in the world. With his guidance, in under 2 years, we grew Attract Great Guys, a dating advice YouTube channel for women to over 145,000 subscribers and 1 million monthly views.

We are passionate about the power of influencer marketing. When you understand how to capture authenticity on video, it allows you to deeply connect with a massive audience. You will learn the marketing strategies that have allowed us to build a influencer brand quickly.

We are leaders in the dating and relationship space. Currently, we’re creating and launching a series of paid video programs on the topics of attraction and mating strategies for ambitious women.

When we approach projects, we do so full speed. Our timelines are aggressive and quality standards high.

We have ivy-league psychologists, best selling authors and top curriculum designers who work with us on our educational programs. You’ll be learning about video production for youtube, educational best practices and online learning systems.

You must feel comfortable asking for forgiveness rather than permission. I’m NOT looking for someone who is polite, tells me what I want to hear, or takes things personally

We’re focused on the high-end, luxury market, which means both perceived and actual value are on the tops of our minds at all times. You should have a sense of style and be interested in how aesthetics affect perception.

Examples of Possible Tasks and Responsibilities:
-Responding to comments on our membership site
-Respond to support requests and questions in Zendesk
-Maintain daily calendar, arrange calls while making sure all details are handled in a professional and organized manner.
-Organize daily tasks and projects for all team members in Smartsheet
-Locate and track key customer support metrics in Zendesk
-Book travel arrangements including lodging, transportation, and activities both within the United States and internationally.
-Assist with monitoring of my inbox and emails, including responding to clients, other contractors, and business contacts.
-Research and be the point person for service providers for projects such as web design.
-Handle personal details such as shopping online, ordering gifts, scheduling personal appointments, and maintaining household items.
-Create new systems to do all of the above more efficiently and/or automate with software.

Knowledge & Skills:
-Ability to set up new systems, automations, and processes in order to streamline business and personal functions.
-Ability to create and manage multiple projects while providing the necessary information to keep all team members on-track
-Ability to manage multiple incoming requests, while ensuring they are relayed or handled at the appropriate time, in the necessary order and in the correct manner.
-High level of experience with Google Apps and Project Management Software (Bonus points if you know Smartsheet!)
-Experience managing calendars and working with scheduling apps.
-You must be tech savvy. We work with lots of different tech softwares that you’ll need to pick up quickly including Active Campaign, Clickfunnels, Stripe, Zendesk and Kajabi.

Strengths & Talents:
-Desire to constantly learn and grow, refusal to make the same mistake twice.
-Ability to spot new tasks that you can take over and better ways of doing things and take action.
-Ability to write professional messages to customers with clarity, empathy, and personality.
-Exceptional ability to OVER-communicate progress on multiple projects.
-Highly organized and efficient.
-Trustworthy with strong personal integrity.
-Forward-thinker who can proactively handle circumstances and situations to head off any crisis situations.
-Amazing communication skills via email and phone, internally and with customers.
-Proven ability to prioritize tasks.
-Perfectionist, super attention to detail, paranoid enough to catch mistakes before they become an issue.
-Since this is a virtual position, you must be a self-starter who is extremely motivated and able to work independently with minimal oversight.

If you are excited about hard work and creating cool things together, here’s just a few benefits you’ll receive by working with us:

-Make a real difference in women’s lives
-Access to unique experiences (Special YouTube premieres, flown out to meetings in Los Angeles & Chicago, influencer networking events, etc)
-Work directly with top online marketer with proven success growing businesses
-Work directly with top dating coach and love industry expert
-Access to our slack channel (where we chat with ivy-league psychologists about behavioral psychology and dating)
-Ability to a learn video production at our Chicago studio (where we film)
-Access to work out of 2112 coworking space in Chicago (where we write)

If I haven’t scared you away yet, apply below:
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