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Tier 1 Technical Support Representative for web-based CRM Software - technical support - job employment

City: Las vegas
Date: 06 Apr 2019
Category: Technical Support

As a Tier 1 Tech Support Specialist you will be responsible for helping customers use and troubleshoot their CRM software. You will be part of a team of remote techs who work together to provide comprehensive support through our voice, chat and email helpdesk systems. Experience in a prior role troubleshooting web-based software is preferred. Compensation will be determined by experience. Hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday, pacific time, with a 1 hour break for lunch.

What You Will Do
• Provide first-class support, customer service, and instruction to a diverse user base with varying levels of technical ability and familiarity with our system.
• Demonstrate a high level of care and attention, proactively identifying and addressing any additional problems or questions from our users when they request support.
• Answer general Inquiries from users via Phone, Live Chat, and Email.
• Troubleshoot system behaviors to identify bugs or alleviate user confusion.
• Load spreadsheets of data or images into a user’s account.

What You Will Bring
• A Service oriented mindset, taking joy in helping others.
• A Quiet Work Environment - You have a quiet place to work, free from distractions.
• Effective communication skills, able to explain concepts of varying complexity via voice/text.
• Quick learner and creative thinking skills, you are able to pick up new ideas and concepts easily, working them into your regular flow, ready to think outside of the box.
• Organization and efficiency, paying close attention to detail.
• Strong multi-tasking skills, able to manage multiple tasks or problems at once, confident in your ability to triage and work through issues or questions as they come up.
• Calm under pressure, you are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
• Experience in tech support and comfortable troubleshooting web applications and have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
• Windows or Mac Power User - You are comfortable executing power-user level tasks on a computer.

Nice to have:
• Experienced with Windows and G Suite Products.
• Elementary knowledge of databases (like my/SQL)
• Experienced with CRM or scheduling software.
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