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EARN in SPARE Time! 40+ Job Categories - Set Your Own HOURLY RATE! - art / media / design - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 04 Apr 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

About kNEEBU

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, kNEEBU is focused on re-building stronger communities by enabling its people to connect with each other by leveraging each others skills & expertise, while also earning extra cash in their spare time to augment their income.


Download our “kNEEBU-Provider” app on iOS or Android (link at the bottom of this job description). Sign-up directly via the app, to initiate your background check, which typically takes 2-4 business days. You can sign up for one or more of 40+ service categories (listed below) during sign-up, which can also be edited in the future. Additionally, you set your own hourly rate for each of the category that you sign up for.

You manage your work schedule by marking yourself as “Available” or “Unavailable” from your HOME screen. When customers see you available for the category of service they need, they can compare your rates, customer ratings, etc. with other service providers in the area and can initiate service request with you. Once you have accepted the service request, you can chat or call the customer directly to discuss further details.

When you begin working on your job, simply press "START service" from within the app. You can press "END service" when you are done. Any pricing negotiated with the customer can be adjusted in the final screen, once you END the service. Once you submit the final price, the customer gets to view the final pricing instantly, and add any TIP AMOUNT before they approve the total amount on their app - "kNEEBU" app, which is different from the app you, the service provider is using. Once approved, customer’s payment method on file is charged and both you and the customer receive a copy of the receipt.

It takes 1-2 business days for your earned income to get deposited in your account after your job is done and the customer has approved the final amount in their "kNEEBU" app.

For every service that you complete, kNEEBU charges service fee of only 6-6.5% and there is 3-3.5% of payment processing fee (based on the volume of transaction). Remaining 90% of the payment made by the customer is paid to your deposit account directly, upon completion of each service.

SERVICE CATEGORIES (you can sign up for one or more than one, through the "kNEEBU-Provider" app)

Home health-Care:
- Nurse
- Home-Aide
- Caregiver
Home Inspection
House cleaning / Housekeeping
Event planner
Interior Designer
Tutor (In-Home):
- Math
- Swimming
- Musical Instruments (e.g.: Piano, Guitar, etc.)
- Singing/Dancing (Ballet, Classical, Salsa, etc.)
- Spanish (Read/Write)
- French (Read/Write)
- Hindi (Read/Write)
- English (Read/Write)
Interior Home Repairs/Renovations:
- Plumber
- Electrician
- Painter
- Flooring / Carpet
- Appliances
- Doors / Windows
- Fireplaces / Chimneys
- Kitchen / Bathroom Renovation
- Other Renovations / Handyman
Exterior Home Services:
- Lawn Care
- Swimming Pool
- Deck / Patio
- Driveway
- Roofing / Siding
- Gutters
- Garage / Garage Doors
- Locksmith
- Snow Removal
Personal in-home Chef/Cook
Iron Clothes
Pet Nanny
Dog Walker

SIGN UP as a service provider via our “kNEEBU-Provider” app using the links below or by simply searching for "kNEEBU" in App Store / Google Play and downloading the "kNEEBU-Provider" app:


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