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Seeking an AMAZING Web/Social/Email/IT/Content & Marketing Person - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 04 Apr 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

We are seeking a "rock star (perhaps "diamond in the rough" who may be underemployed) individual who is passionate about these areas of knowledge / work, and knows deep down they are capable of, and destined for, really great things through focus and hard work if they only had the right opportunity…


We are hiring for a “web / social campaign / IT / email marketing / graphics & content technician" position for our small but elite production & media company. This position does not require deep professional experience in every area below, but does require at least a basic understanding of each and most importantly, a GREAT desire to rapidly grow your knowledge and "move the needle" as fast as possible in many or all of these areas, contributing to our incredible team’s already rapidly growing success.

You will train at our video, photo, drone, entertainment production studios with our founder and owner Mr. Paul Christopher Greene to rapidly learn our systems, processes and business / marketing goals driving our 11 (and growing) brands, and work remotely from home once you are comfortable and ready. Please do not assume this position is too technically deep or challenging, as we are willing to train and groom the right ethical, focused, smart, organized and most importantly - highly motivated individual to help them rapidly grow into this exciting, once in a lifetime position - but we can only figure that out if you reach out and begin a dialogue with us. Our ideal candidate is:

* Always early or on time.
* Never let's anything "slip through the cracks”.
* Firmly believes they can build a much better tomorrow and make their dreams and plans come to fruition through consistent, focused, and applied effort.
* VERY eager to learn, is self starting, and able to rapidly expand their knowledge and accomplish goals without micromanagement.
* Sharp, fast and technically savvy.
* Willing to get started and be trained for decent compensation short term, to set the stage for amazing opportunities and fantastic pay soon as we grow, succeed and “move the needle” together (we will obviously discuss - see salary growth expectations below)
* Close to Harlem and Roosevelt and / or is willing to come in to work at that location until so fully trained - at which point some or even regular remote work from home will be possible.
* A car owner or close enough to our location and responsible enough to be on time with Uber or public transportation.
* Pleasant and cheerful with at least a small amount of "chill".
* Able to work well with high energy dynamic leadership and a busy multi person team managing a lot of different projects at once.
* A excited to work hard and achieve great things through their exemplary work ethic.
* HIGHLY organized and maintains impeccable “lists” calendars, files etc.
* At least reasonably good at writing, typing and spelling / grammar.
* Able and willing to organize and stay organized by documenting and filing information related to their areas of responsibility ongoing.

And is VERY internet / digital savvy, with as much expertise and experience as possible in some or most of the following areas - OR if not, has a GREAT desire to learn as much as soon as possible about the areas they’re not as familiar with, including:

* Web / internet standards and development
* Word Press
* Social media and and digital marketing best practices
* Logic driven programmatic lead nurturing (funnel) email campaign creation / management
* Content Publishing / Drip Campaign best practices, scheduling, and management (via Hootsuite or similar)
* Google Analytics / tracking to asses website efficacy (though A/B split testing and other) as well as measuring lead nurturing performance metrics
* Integrating SAS platforms (CRM, Zapier, ITTT etc)
* Facebook / Instagram advertising
* Maintaining best email deliverability standards
* Web development / HTML / CSS / Javascript etc FTW (not a deal breaker as we could outsource actual ongoing development you would manage if you are the perfect candidate in other ways)
* Vector and Raster graphics work (also not a deal breaker as we are design professionals and can either train you or find other working solutions).

...and more - towards making as big an impact as possible on our internal and client projects, marketing and sales campaigns ongoing.

You do NOT need to be:

* A content creation expert (we already are)
* Working in our office / studios full time after training (as you will be encouraged to work remotely from home at least much of the time.
* A serious expert in all or even most of these technical areas as long as you’re able and willing to learn and self study and you will be mentored personally by our founder or other specialists / consultants we arrange for you to work with.
* An expert at any of our divisions areas of business (production, video, advertising, weddings etc) as we obviously already are with over 25 years of experience in these and other services and markets.


The PCG Group LLLP (, is an "Umbrella Management Company" for several media production subsidiaries / brands - all founded by its CEO and Creative Director, Paul Christopher Greene (for more information on Mr. Greene, please visit These brands include:

* RED Weddings (A luxury wedding company that offers Photo, Video, DJ / Entertainment, Lighting, Photo Booths, Drones and more
* Flight AV (A Motion Picture, TV & Commercial specialty Camera, Video, Audio and Post production company (
* RED Events (RED Weddings Corporate facing / servicing counterpart offering the same services to the corporate sector)
* Alien Sound (A Professional full service Audio and Music Production company)
* Alien Syndicate (An Intellectual Property company that creates, acquires and licenses music, video and imaging to Music Coordinators, Imaging buyers in TV / Film and Advertising and more)
* Paul Christopher Greene (The personal creative brand of our founder showcasing his Director and union (Local 600) Director of Photography offerings.
* (a social media / content creation agency for business and brands small to large)

(These proposed "training / trial period" terms are flexible and open to negotiation based on experience).
$250/week for 2 weeks
$300/week for next 6 weeks
$400/week for next 6 weeks
$500/week for next 6 weeks
> 20 WEEKS: to be negotiated based on performance and abilities.

2019 Estimated Yearly Pay $25k-$40k (including bonuses).
2020 Estimated Yearly Pay $40k-$70k (including bonuses).
2021 Estimated Yearly Pay $70k-$100k+ (including bonuses).
> 2022 Estimated Yearly Pay $100k+, health plan, vestment track and speciality input for management position of choice.

All applicants are welcome...thank you very much for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you, introducing you to our work "family" and getting to know more about you!

~PCG GROUP, LLLP Management
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