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POS Packaging Designer Needed - art/media/design

City: Vancouver
Date: 04 Apr 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

We are a Victoria based toy company and lifestyle brand with a strong online presence. We have several products that we want to introduce into brick and mortar retail, and require new packaging that will support that. Our primary products are skill toys (think yo-yos, juggling, kendama etc.), and we need someone with creativity and a solid skill set to help us develop packaging materials that will help communicate the toys and how to play them, as this is not immediately obvious if you are seeing the toys in a shop for the first time. We are currently thinking blister pack style packaging, but are open to suggestions. We are looking for someone with practical experience and knowledge of the various options available for retail/ POS packaging and displays. If the candidate is a good fit, there are lots of future opportunities, as we have a backlog of related design work needing to be done. Please respond with a link to a portfolio of relevant work, CV, and expected compensation. For more information on our company visit Thanks for your interest.
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