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City: Los angeles
Date: 04 Apr 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

I represent a client who is interested in developing a project (film, documentary, research) along the lines discussed herein.  They are looking for a person with a math and/or science background (or expertise) that can help to flesh out the theories and concepts discussed in this post.

For now, the client wishes to remain anonymous.  You may direct any questions regarding the project to me (their attorney).  The following is a summary of the project as prepared by the client:

"The Theory of Everything?"

It is pretty well established by scientists that everything is energy.  Despite all the “matter” you see in front of you, it seems that every single thing you see, hear, taste, smell and touch is pure energy, made up of teeny, tiny, small particles -- smaller than anything you could ever imagine. Scientists have also proven that there is a vast amount of space between each particle. 

From a scientific standpoint, the entire universe appears to be a huge big sea of infinitely dynamic energy with no real “space” and "time.”  Almost like nothing is really there.  Like the whole thing is some really freaky, weirded out illusion.

If scientists have accepted that the universe is pretty much "nothing," why do they keep trying to prove its existence? How can you prove the existence of “nothing?”

Perhaps we need to change the entire approach.  Instead of looking "out there" for answers -- perhaps the answers we seek are exactly where the ancient texts said they would be:  inside/within.

Since the beginning of time, there have been people who claim to have the ability to read signs and obtain information from other dimensions.  Yet, the scientific and academic communities have shown no real interest in incorporating these people into their research and studies. I honestly question why this is the case.

With regard to any question regarding our "existence," it is my belief that the answer does not reside anywhere in our 3D reality. The reason is because "reality" is essentially a reflection of one thought contained within, and being projected from, the mind of an infinite intelligence.   All matter, all space, and all time, is equivalent to one thought in the mind of an infinite intelligence.  In terms of a math equation, from the mind of the infinite intelligence, all of existence equals 1.

Now, suppose everything in existence is contained within that one thought, which is symbolically represented as 1.  If, from the mind of an infinite intelligence, all energy = 1, then where is zero?  If 1 = everything, what does zero represent? Also, if all energy = 1, how would that "fact" interact with the formula: E=MC2? Would that mean that the velocity of light is not constant? If the velocity of light is not constant, is it possible that we could connect with other energies not through distance or travel but by "traveling" through energy, like thought?

On this point, please consider the following:

If all energy = 1, and you are a part of that energy, how would you ever interact with other energy within that energy field? My theory is that all energy has the inherent ability to be/become the opposite of itself.

The entirety of the energy field is dependent upon the infinite intelligence knowing its inherent ability -- which is the ability to be and become the opposite of itself.

If I am 1, and everything that is not me is within 1, how would you write that equation? Also, how would we "talk" to one another? Is there a "place" outside of 1 we could agree to meet temporarily? If I am the creator/infinite intelligence and I created 1 and everything within it, how would I communicate to you, if you are one of the "things" I created? -- meaning that you are also within the 1?

It is my theory that math is the means through which a higher intelligence communicates to its "subjects." Numbers are like the communication vehicles through which higher forms of intelligence communicate to one another. Mathematical symbols are universal signs for communication between dimensions. 

On this basis, what is the best equation you can think of to express this reasoning?  Keep in mind that signs and symbols can convey infinite amounts of information.  Just think about all of the "knowledge" inherent in signs like +, -, x, and /.  A mutually-shared intelligence is embedded within the sign itself and also the user/observer of the sign.

Now think of a way you could write this same statement as an equation.  What would you write? Symbols that would represent to another symbol that it is the exact opposite of itself.

I have in mind certain "signs" and "symbols" that reflect everything I am saying here.  I am interested in engaging in discussion with someone with detailed knowledge of these matters for the purpose of developing a broader project.  If you are interested, reply to this query with a) the correct signs; and b) a statement of your interest in these theories. I have in mind one symbol that perfectly captures the thoughts expressed here - it is a universal symbol of communication. Guess the right symbol to begin communication.

With regard to the existence conundrum, I will offer the following thoughts:

If thoughts are energy, what happens upon the “last thought?”  Do the lights go out, so to speak, and then you stop thinking?  Or do you stop thinking and then the lights go out?  Honestly, if I am the last thought, the last thing I would be thinking about was which one came first. If you are the last thought, do you really think that you would be concerned with proving which came first? Absolutely not.  If I am the last thought, the only thing on my mind is...keep thinking.  

If you are the last thought, I would imagine that you would want to make yourself something that what you are, which is the last thought.  Thus, perhaps the last thought is thinking:  If I am the last thought, that means that I am thinking, and if I have any thought in my head, then I will make it the first thought. My last thought and my first thought are the same thing. The only difference is perspective.  Perhaps one way of saying the same thing is:  I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA.  First thought and last thought.

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