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Top-Level Trailer Music Company seeks Music Supervisor - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 19 Mar 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video


Established, top-level trailer music company seeks Music Supervisor. This is a full-time position and may be a work-from-home position, with hours generally being 9:30a-7:00p, Monday to Friday, with hours outside of that, if needed, per project.


- Previous employment in a similar position at a trailer music company and/or trailer house

- Experience in generating or fulfilling the types of music searches common in trailer production (knowledge and experience with the search terms, music styles and sub-genres commonly used in the industry)

- Expertise using Soundminer, Source Audio, and iTunes to encode extensive metadata into audio files, including generating and revising the spreadsheets used in this process

- Experience with the music clearance process (quote requests, quotes, confirmations, and invoicing)

- Music supervision/creative skills (in working with composers, editors, producers, etc, and in generating descriptive keywords for music and sound design cues)

- Generating, sorting, correcting, cataloging, analyzing and encoding large quantities of data and ensuring accuracy in the minuscule details of the information (e.g. lengthy royalty report spreadsheets, large databases of metadata for music cues, online files systems, keyword descriptions of audio files, invoices, quotes,etc). The successful candidate will have passion for ensuring perfection in this type of data. Please do not apply for this job if you dislike this type of data work

- Basic DAW skills preferred, but not absolutely necessary

- Sound design skills are a bonus


- Being on-call continually during the workday to immediately handle client requests: Client Services being the main priority of this position

- Working with clients to fulfill music searches, delivery of stems, and coordination of custom projects

- Generating descriptive keywords for new music and sound design cues, and encoding them along with other data into the audio files using SourceAudio, Sound Miner, and iTunes

- Working with clients to handle quote requests and confirmations, and prepare quotes, licenses and invoices

- Registering cues and usages with BMI/ASCAP, and royalty accounting/reconciliation

- Curating our social media presence, including website updates (advanced web skills not required)

- Researching new artists/composers

- Being an active part of the trailer community and the film/tv/music production community as a whole, including meeting with clients and attending industry events

- Although this position can generally be work-from-home, it does require meeting with clients throughout Los Angeles on a regular basis

- Often requires working with large volumes of data in spreadsheets or online file system


- When applying for this position, please detail your experience with any/all of the above.

- PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENTS, knowing that the salary is the entirety of the compensation for the position. This position does not include a 401k plan, healthcare plan, or any other compensation/benefits packages aside from the salary, so please take those needs into account when specifying your salary requirements. Submissions without salary requirements will not be considered.

- Please include your resume in the body of the email.

Thank you!
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