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Casting Females !!. 18-35. Become a Celebrity !!. Base Pay !!. - tv/film/video/radio

City: Ottawa-hull-gatineau
Date: 10 Mar 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

I'm a casting coordinator for a marketing agency and we are currently auditioning girls that potentially want to be to be social media stars.

BIGO LIVE is Asia's largest live streaming platform and we are helping them recruit talent ambassadors for their app. The average streamer makes about 2K+ a month and our top streamers have made around a million a year! and website - Youtube -
All ethnic and racial backgrounds accepted !!.

How it works!

Most girls, film from home, though webcam. And, earn a good income !!.
You can chat about anything you want !!. You can dance, you can cook, sing, model clothing. You can, talk about movies, music, politics, T.V shows, it's up to you !!. No Nudity !!.

You get a base pay !!!. You need to stream at least 25 hours per month to get a base pay. If you stream 50 hours per month you get $500 base pay.

This is a great opportunity. You will be seen by hundreds of millions of people. You can become a celebrity overnight. This can lead to other opportunities, such as Hollywood castings. You will have a fan base. You will be signing autographs. You get a base pay for every 25 hours online that you stream. It's a 2 month contract that can be extended long term.
Hope this seems enticing and I wish to hear back from you.

If interested, in auditioning, please, send us your name, email address and if possible your Instagram or a picture !.

Stardom awaits you !!.

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