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Ruby/Ruby on Rails Developer - web / html / info design - job employment

City: Washington
Date: 08 Mar 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

WiTopia, Inc., a small Northern Virginia Data Privacy and Security company is in search of a talented part-time Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer contractor to help with the development and maintenance of multiple Ruby/Rails applications related to our VPN and encrypted email services. The applications are APIs, backed on Postgres. We’re looking for a developer with a great deal of independence and self organization with proven experience in building production ready applications. We expect this person to be able to demonstrate an expert understanding in application development as well as work hand in hand with other engineers in developing API endpoints and services that proxy requests to various other applications. Some of these rely on message queues, some are xml, some are json. Work will involve writing code, developing tests, and debugging. As a senior engineer you will be expected to give input on high level architecture decisions, and communicate those decisions to other developers on the team.

For This Role, We Want To See This Track Record of Results:

- History developing and supporting actual Ruby/Ruby on Rails applications that have seen production usage with a large user base.
- At least 5 years of applicable experience.
- Strong Computer Science background and understanding of algorithms and data structures.
- Complete understanding of how to write secure code and an awareness of common application security vulnerabilities.
- Appreciation for testing and the ability to write specs using RSpec.
- Experience working on a remote team.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

- Deep knowledge of Ruby/Ruby on Rails.
- An expert understanding of the syntax of Ruby and its nuances, including the ability to work with classes that do not inherit from ActiveRecord.
- A solid understanding of object-oriented programming.
- A test-centric approach to development, in order to build and deploy with confidence.
- Comfortable at the command line, and with advanced git features.
- Strong in PostgreSQL.
- An understanding of background jobs, including Redis and Sidekiq.
- Familiarity with Redmine or similar task tracking application.
- Longstanding familiarity with the Ruby and Rails communities -- you stay on top of current news and changes to the language and framework landscape.
- A basic understanding of front-end technologies, e.g. JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3
- Ability to adapt quickly and pivot from one project to another.
- Desire to solve difficult problems quickly and have an opportunity to see your contributions realized on a Global scale.
- Know how the web works under the hood: TCP, HTTP, DNS, IP, caches, etc.
- Comfortable communicating on the phone, with Skype, Jabber, and/or Campfire.
- The desire to mentor and improve junior and mid level developers.

If interested, email a copy of your resume, hourly rate, and availability.

***This is a work from home, part-time position.***
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