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Girls Wanted For Live Stream Chat !! - No Nudity - Base Pay !! - tv/film/video/radio

City: Ottawa-hull-gatineau
Date: 05 Mar 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

I'm a casting coordinator for a marketing agency and we are currently auditioning girls that potentially want to be to be social media stars for our BIGO LIVE account.

BIGO LIVE is Asia's largest live streaming platform and we are helping them recruit talent ambassadors for their app. With 74 million active live streamers they have expanded to North America and our company has the pleasure to cast ambassadors and manage the project account. The average streamer makes about 2K+ a month and our top streamers have made around a million a year! Here is there Instagram if you would like to check them out and website

The great thing is that the audition process is very simple! If, you're interested, we just need your name and email address and if possible your Instagram!. We would then set up an in-app audition when it is best for you. We will see how you interact with viewers in the chat while representatives from BIGO LIVE and a representative from our company ask you questions like a live audition. This opportunity is wonderful for entry-level talent who are trying to gain exposure while building their social media platform. It's also great for people just wanting to make some extra money as a part-time job while concentrating on other projects and jobs within their industry! With that being said we welcome talent at all levels!

How it works!

Each person that gets signed will have to live stream 25 hours a month to not get disqualified off the platform and it's a two-month contract. The streams need to be 30 minutes to 3 hours long, but what's great about this opportunity is that you can film anywhere and anytime on their own schedule, you just need to hit 25 hours, however, if you streams 50 hours a month you will get a base pay of $500.

If you gain a lot of exposure and make it onto the popular page you will get paid through tokens which will be reimbursed for money! Top streamers can potentially make up to a million dollars a year if viewers really like you. Better engagement will lead to more exposure. You can film anything they want, so, for example, if you're a model you can try out different outfits while engaging with audience members on the live stream! This platform will give you the opportunity to gain a lot of exposure online, which will help grow your social media presence and help build your online brand while making extra income. This is a great opportunity. You will be seen by hundreds of millions of people. You can become a celebrity overnight. This can lead to other opportunities, such as Hollywood castings. You will have a fan base. You will be signing autographs. You get a base pay for every 25 hours online that you stream. It's a 2 month contract that can be extended long term.

If this project interests you at all, the founder of our company, would be happy to hop on a call with you for more information. The company can also provide you with a sample of previous talent we worked with last month. Hope this seems enticing and I wish to hear back from you.

If interested, in auditioning, please, send us your name, email address and if possible your Instagram !.

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