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COMPUTER TECHNICIAN FOR E-MAILING - technical support - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 04 Mar 2019
Category: Technical Support

but with UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL for you. Your very detailed part-time job offer description is below:

• Work in your own home using your own computer.

• A few hours a week.

• Set your own hours.

• You will be uploading batches of our e-mails through my leased software, similar to MailChimp and iContact.

• I will now describe your job details and income:

• I own 46,000 spam-free e-mail addresses that have been successfully tested, and go to named individuals at their email addresses.

• 27,000 you send out will promote my ebook business which has 40 ebooks on various topics including adult only, weight loss, wrinkles, Healthy Living, prisons, business, religion, medical malpractice, and all of which are on:
You can preview each ebook, as can these 27,000 potential customers. For each customer to decide which ebook they want to download for free they will have to see all 40 titles. Many will also buy some ebooks for $4.95, and tell their family members and friends about these unusual books!
You will automatically upload its email letter and subject line, and press “send”. These emails automatically go out at 120 per hour. You monitor them once each day and send me a computer screen shot to inform me of the progress.
You receive a 10% sales profit as your commission.
For example, when 1,000 ebooks are sold, you receive $400.
When 10,000 ebooks are sold you receive $4,000 etc.

• The next week for these personalized 27,000 email addresses you will replace that email letter and subject line with another email letter and subject line which promotes my Patent Pending wrinkle erasing and wrinkle prevention lotion (Natural Wrinkle Relief), which will be sold on Amazon and fulfilled through Amazon.
For every bottle sold you receive $1. For example, when 1,000 bottles are sold you receive $1,000. And when 10,000 are sold, you receive $10,000

• Then the next week to all these 27,000 you will replace that email and subject line with this third email text and subject line which will promote my Patent Pending joint pain relieving lotion (Natural Joint Relief) that will be also sold through Amazon. As before, you will receive $1 per bottle sold.

• The next week you again repeat the ebook email, and then the next week same the same sequence as before for the Natural Wrinkle Relief product, and the next week for the Natural Joint Relief product.
These three 27,000 email campaigns repeat continually in this same weekly order.
So every week for you to replace one email letter and its subject line takes only minutes time of your skilled work. And daily monitoring takes just a few minutes.

• I also own 8,700 personalized email addresses for attorneys who specialize in Medical Malpractice. My business, as I have done for 30 years, is to assist them to understand the medical issues in each case.
You will be sending out a detailed email from me one week, and the next week a follow up email.
You will repeat this sequence week after week.
You press “send” after you exchange one email text for the other. Uploading one letter for another that automatically goes out to all 8,700 will take you a few minutes a week.
You receive $60 for every case any attorney sends to me to review.

• I also own 4,800 personalized email addresses for paralegals who also assist these attorneys. My email promotes my services for their attorneys. So this can increase cases sent to me and more $60 payments to you per case received.
You email the same paralegal letter every week to these 4,800 by restarting it and pressing “send”.

See my website:

• My other business is described in three short videos and text on
I have put together a packet for hiring salespersons who each will earn $20,000 per each bed they sell.
Your job is to upload this salesperson packet onto the iHire website. Then each week you will go onto their website and input the next three cities I select for promoting this salesperson recruiting information. That will take you two minutes every week.
For each bed that is sold you will receive $1,000 (one thousand dollars).

• All three businesses have their own bank account at Bank of America.
You will receive a bank statement every month along with the funds sent by PayPal into your bank account or through Zelle into your bank account.

• Any questions?
Please call me any day between noon and 8 pm PST at
Or email me any time at:
[email protected]

• I require your resume and names with telephone numbers of people you have worked for, plus family and friends. I need to know who you are and how reliable you are!
You will become an integral part of my businesses!

Thank you for your interest in and attention to this very detailed job offer.

Barry Jacobs, M.D.
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