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Remote okay: part-time IT engineer - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Sacramento
Date: 04 Mar 2019
Category: Systems / Network

We’re a small company looking for a part-time (~5-10 hours per week) IT engineer. This may be you if:

• You love figuring out technologies you haven’t used before -- and you’re very good at it. Whether it’s debugging a troublesome wifi network, electric doorbell, smartphone, or mail delivery issue -- you can quickly figure it out.
• You’re deeply familiar with OS X.
• You have a good understanding of practical IT security.
• You enjoy managing your own time and you do that well.
• You have fastidious attention to detail. You just hate seeing things out-of-place and can’t resist putting them as they ought to be.
• You are, ideally, familiar with G Suite and DNS administration.
• You find quickly-changing needs enjoyable rather than stressful.
• You enjoy working with a small, tight-knit, lighthearted crew, while simultaneously maintaining extremely high standards for yourself and for others.

You can work from anywhere but need to be able to come to SF at least once a week for a few hours. (You could choose the day.)

To apply, please answer these questions:

• Are there meaningful practical security differences between SMS 2FA, app-based OTP 2FA, and U2F-based 2FA? Why?
• What are some crazy or very arcane IT-related projects you’ve successfully executed?
• When the wifi network is broken (i.e., people can’t connect to the internet), roughly how will you diagnose the problem?
• If you wanted to securely send a file from one laptop in the office to another, how would you do that?
• Have you used Linux? How much?
• What’s your favorite DNS hosting service and why?
• In brief: in your opinion, are iPhones more secure than Android phones? Why?
• What things have you been in charge of administering? (Servers, networks, AV setups -- anything counts.)
• What kind of work makes you happiest?
• What kind of job are you looking for?

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