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Actors and Articulate People! Need you for a 5 minute job - tv/film/video/radio

City: Toronto
Date: 02 Mar 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video


I'm a communications professional with a gap on my resume. Because of this, I need a smart, articulate person to take a phone call to "be one of my references." I can provide all the information and "context" you need about me and my professional experience, to make it very easy for you.

Ethically, (if that matters to you - it does to me!) it would all be a lot of truth-telling about me - just with some things in different order, or stretched out longer, than they actually occurred. (Which is why I can't ask an actual former boss to exaggerate for me - in fact, two of my former bosses ARE my references - I just need a third)

I prefer an actor or at least someone who is great at improvising and thinking on the spot. I would want to chat over facetime for a few minutes beforehand to make sure you're legit, and maybe do a dry-run together. The call itself would come in the next couple of weeks, and would only take 5 minutes. I would pay half up front and half after the call. I would prefer someone with a mature, professional-sounding voice, and at least over 30. (Or very mature sounding)
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