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Hybrid DevOps/Sysadmin/InfoSec Role (2 positions) - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Boston
Date: 27 Feb 2019
Category: Systems / Network

We're an established Financial Services company in Waltham with the top lenders in the nation as our clients. Our suite of products are used to service these clients with some of the best performance results in our industry.

We have an immediate need to hire two people with as much coverage in the following areas as possible. These two individuals will be cross-trained, so there is great opportunity here to expand your skill set into new areas.

Experience supporting the full software development process
- Continuous integration
- Git

Experience deploying builds to a number of production and non-production environments
- Jenkins/Octopus
- MSBuild
- Powershell

Experience with production application support
- Log management tools (Graylog, Splunk, Logstash, etc.)

Experience with server management (patches, updates, etc.) and general networking
- VMware
- Windows Server
- VPN (Cisco AnyConnect, OpenVPN, etc.)
- 2-factor authentication (RSA, Duo, Authy, etc.)

Experience with cloud computing
- AWS infrastructure management

Experience with application security / security administration
- Vulnerability and penetration testing methodologies
- Day-to-day monitoring of security tools
- Security mitigation
- Secure code scanning management (Sonar, Veracode, etc.)

We're looking to hear from dynamic individuals with the natural curiosity to learn new things and break out of more structured roles. Our engineering team is small but highly motivated and everyone is a contributor.

The entire company has a strong remote policy and most of the team works 1-2 days in the office in Waltham and the remainder of the week from their home office.

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