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Executive Producer Indy Feature - tv / film / video / radio - job employment

City: Los angeles
Date: 26 Feb 2019
Category: TV / Film / Video

Looking for experienced Executive Producer to help secure first funds for a Teen Adventure Thriller, in the vein of Stranger Things, but for the YouTube generation.

The Movie, "Jonah" (website, is inspired by true events in my hometown. It has been described as horror light and are aiming for the YA audience with a PG13 rating. The film has budget of $850k.

We Have: A full package ready to go. Including a script, some name cast (w/ LOI's) and crew attachments, the marketing guru from Blair Witch, Passion of the Christ, and The Purge, short proof of concept film, line item budget, full shooting schedule, etc. We also have bigger name talent available and interested now awaiting offers, LOI's from top distributors, $10k development funds, $350k in matching funds, $200k soft money (GA tax credit).

We Need: $350k from an equity investor. (Commission/Finders fee)

Would Take: An EP to bring in 30% of our offers to back them, or a name EP to lend name to help attach our other name actors.

I can send our investor deck, and info on who is involved.

From Gersh's Script Coverage: "I really enjoyed reading this script! ...The script has many interesing reoccurring themes and humorous lines to provide comedic relief. Thriller films are often inconclusive or include many loose ends in the plot, but in this script, all the important details connected to create a climactic ending that made sense. A lot of paranormal thrillers do not have good plot and character development, but this script progressed very nicely in these areas. I appreciated how Brody started out as an uncaring, fallen hero but by the end makes a brave sacrifice to save Jamie and his friend. Overall, I would highly recommend this script. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and would definitely go see this movie in theaters."

Serious inquires only, please. (We have our DP, Composer, Casting options, etc... no need to pitch yourself. Unless you are local to ATL and would like to lend a hand in a non-key position)
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