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Junior / Associate Web Developer - web/html/info design

City: Regina
Date: 09 Feb 2019
Category: Web / Info Design

Nerdwise is looking to hire someone new!

About Nerdwise:
- A 2-person web-dev shop, about a year old, almost.
- I'm in Regina, I have another dev in Vancouver, we work remote but can discuss a shared space if you happen to be in those areas.
- Nerdwise is ready for a 3rd person, someone new looking to train up into an autonomous web-developing and bug-killing machine.
- We have some big corporate clients that have us currently all booked up.
- We're looking to diversify and start doing work for more small businesses; that's where you'd come in.

The Hiring Process:
- You send your resume to me at show contact info and a cover letter if you really feel like writing.
- I give you a shout back to setup an informal get-to-know-you interview.
- If that goes well, I'll setup a 1 hour coding session using
- There'll be no surprises. You'll share your screen with me, run the code test on your computer, use your IDE of choice and be encouraged to use Google and StackOverflow to get the job done just like you would in a real situation.
- You'll code for 30 minutes in a language you're comfortable with so you can show off.
- Then you'll code for 30 minutes in some language you've never touched so I can see how you learn.
- Then, if we hire you, you'll help us out with a few things over the next three months.
- If things are still going well after that, both for you and for us, we'll sign a permanent full-time contract.

The first 3 months:
- Marketing website for a small electrical company
- Marketing website for Nerdwise (we've been too busy to help ourselves)
- Document, unit-test, maintain and expand our open-source Typescript utilities:

Must-have Requirements:
- Have experience with Javascript / CSS / HTML / Git
- Be familiar with Object-Oriented programming and willing to learn about functional programming
- Have something to show, be it a portfolio / website / GitHub
- Canadian citizenship or authorization to work in Canada
- Be a decent human being

Other tools we use:
- Static site generators
- Python templating such as Django / Jinja
- ES6 Javascript Syntax
- Typescript
- Yarn
- Bower
- Angular
- Markdown
- Google App Engine
- Code Review
- Grow (
- Slack
- G-Suite
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